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        GB 1534 CLCBLG/1/65 · File · 1985-1988
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Material relating to CLCBLG’s relations and interactions with Camden Council.

        Includes: circulars from the Council to community groups re: police consultation, equal opportunities, social events for voluntary and community organisations, the future of Hampstead Heath, and other issues; Council correspondence (incoming and outgoing) re: CLCBLG search for suitable premises, including letters from local councillors in support of CLCBLG; report on local social services provision for lesbians and gay men; Camden Council annual report (1984/85) and budget consultation (1986/87); booklets and flyers re: sport in Camden, local service provision, and racism in council housing allocation.

        Homophobic threat
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/1/84 · File · 1987
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Folder containing: copy of homophobic arson threat sent to Hampden Community Centre about CLCBLG after a women-only event (12 Mar 1987); related letter from Hampden Court worker (1 Apr 1987), related letter from CLCBLG to Parker & Klein (21 Apr 1987); related letter from CLCBLG to local councillor (21 Apr 1987); copy of article from Hampstead & Highgate about arson threat (17 Apr 1987); cutting from Outwrite about change to Human Rights Code in Ontario, Canada (Apr 1987).

        GB 1534 CLCBLG/2/1 · File · 1987
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Camden Council Women’s Committee minutes, agendas and appendices, spanning Jan-Sept 1987.

        Issues and topics include: domestic violence; policing reforms; International Women’s Day 1987 celebrations; home and community care; lesbian and gay rights; women employed in, and users of, social work services; women and employment; women and housing; strategic planning for Camden into the 1990s; Camden Lesbian & Gay Committee’s work.

        Camden Council Women's Committee
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/2/3 · File · 1988-1990
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Camden Women’s Committee minutes, agendas and appendices, spanning Jun 1988-Jan 1990. Also includes one Women's Committee newsletter (Sept 1988).

        Issues and topics include: challenging sexual harassment and discrimination at work; women and housing; women and employment (including childcare provision and parental leave); training re domestic violence; women and Europe in the context of the 1992 European Social Charter (concerning pregnant women and new mothers’ legal protections re employment); domestic violence refuges in London; anti-discrimination legal reforms (including the introduction of equality and diversity monitoring); women and HIV/AIDs; Camden Lesbian & Gay Committee’s work.

        Also includes Camden Council Women’s Committee newsletter (Sept 1988).

        Camden Council Women's Committee
        Feminist essays and reports
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/23 · File · 1982-1992
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Literature relating to women’s campaigns, national and global solidarity movements, and social justice campaigns.

        Includes: essay entitled ‘Class’ by Linda Bellos, from Revolutionary & Radical Feminists (Leeds) newsletter (Summer 1989); ‘Self Twice-Removed: Ugandan Woman’ CHANGE International report by Grace Akello (1982); ‘For Richer – For Poorer?’ report on conference on Child Support Act (1992); ‘Black Women’s Struggle for Equality’ essay (1980) by Willie Mae Reid x 2; ‘Justice Denied: A Nation Resists’ pamphlet by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (1991); ‘A State of Siege: Policing the Coalfields in the First Six Weeks of the Miners’ Strike’ report by Susan Miller & Martin Walker for the National Union of Miners Yorkshire branch (1984); and ‘Minus Lives: Women of Bangladesh’ CHANGE International report by Naila Kabeer (1983).

        London women's resources
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/24 · File · 1983-1995
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Resources relating to London-based women's groups, including newsletters, reviews, publications.

        Includes: London Women’s Network Against Male Violence newsletter (Jul 1988); review of CLCBLG (Sept 1990); ‘Different Lives – Same Rights’ order form for video on disability equality (n.d.); Greater London Council Women’s Committee bulletin (Nov/Dec 1983); Women’s Centre Sutton 10th anniversary event pack; Hackney Women’s Directory (1995/6); Women’s Centre Sutton newsletter (Christmas 1995).