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        Activism pack
        GB 1534 GB 1534 KM/KM/6/KM/6/4/KM/6/4/3 · File · n.d.
        Part of Kathleen Miller Archive

        Students Against Nuclear Energy (SANE) Activist Pack, provides information and guidance on anti-nuclear campaigning. Topics include; starting and maintaining a group, campaign against nuclear industry recruitment, anti-military research campaign and energy conservation.

        GB 1534 GB 1534 KM/KM/6/KM/6/4/KM/6/4/2 · File · n.d.
        Part of Kathleen Miller Archive

        Leaflets and booklets providing information for anti-nuclear campaigners. Includes; activities planning map by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, flyer for an Edinburgh Stop the War Committee workshop against militarism, booklet outlining protest rights and police power published by Castlemilk Law Centre. «

        Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner
        GB 1534 GB 1534 KM/KM/6/KM/6/1/KM/6/1/2 · File · 1975 - 1982
        Part of Kathleen Miller Archive

        Anti-nuclear booklets, topics include; renewable energy, environmental impacts of nuclear power, nuclear disarmament, and anti-nuclear campaigns.

        Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner
        Anti-nuclear campaign groups
        GB 1534 GB 1534 KM/KM/6/KM/6/1/KM/6/1/5 · File · 1979 - 1984
        Part of Kathleen Miller Archive

        Booklets published by anti-nuclear campaign groups. Topics include; peace, nuclear weapons and the impact of nuclear power. Also includes four copies of ‘Poems for Mullwharchar’, published by the Mullwharchar Campaign.

        Image featured shows copies of ‘Poems for Mullwharchar’.

        Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner
        Assorted media
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/8/17 · File · 1980-1995
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Loose material: Routledge catalogue of gender and women’s studies books (1995), LESPOP bust card, various press cuttings, photographs, and prints. An item-level list is available for this file.

        Box also contains files CLCBLG 8/15 - 8/21.

        Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/3/14 · File · 1985 - 1996
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Material relating to Black lesbian and gay rights and issues, including protests, global solidarity campaigns, and other forms of direct action.

        Includes: leaflets and flyers for Smash the Backlash (May 1986); leaflets for Haringey Black Action (n.d.); ‘A far cry from the Pacific’ flyer against US occupation of and nuclear testing in Pacific islands (1986); Women Working for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific poster (Jan 1988); flyer for public meeting on racist, sexist and homophobic immigration law (1986); Lesbian and Gay Employment Rights (LAGER) flyer and poster (c.1980s); LESPOP ‘Black Lesbians in London up against the law’ flyer (n.d.) and ‘Black Lesbians and the Police’ flyers (1988); Haringey Black Action article (n.d.); LAGER ‘Black Lesbians and Gays Fight Back’ leaflets (1988); Camden & Islington Black Sisters ‘Black Women’s Protest Against Racism at Hampstead Women’s Pond’ poster (Aug 1985); Lesbian and Gay Coalition Against Racism flyer (c.1990s); Haringey Black Action anti-apartheid demo (n.d.).

        Books and publications
        GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/4 · File · 1972-1995
        Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

        Books and journals relating to issues including incarceration and childbirth.

        Includes: ‘Breaking the Silence: Women’s Imprisonment’ report by the Women’s Equality Group/London Strategic Policy Unit (1985); ‘The Peace Camp Book: A photographic essay’ by Rupert A. Hopkins (1983); Woman Plus… magazine (1995); Birth Book by Michael & Karen Rossman (Genesis, 1972).

        Kathleen Miller Archive
        GB 1534 GB 1534 KM · Collection · 1968 - 2010

        This collection contains papers and publications relating to Kathleen Miller's anti-nuclear activism from the 1970s-1990s. Includes; correspondence, scrapbooks and campaign booklets.

        Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner
        Papers of Jessie McKirdy
        GB 1534 JM · Collection · 1982 - 2021

        Papers collected by Jessie McKirdy regarding the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. Includes: written accounts by McKirdy, photographs of the camp, newspaper clippings, and instructions for the protest in December, 1982.

        Jessie McKirdy, 1936 - present, anti-nuclear activist
        Papers of Mary Lonsdale
        GB 1534 GB 1534 ML · Collection · 1904 - 1986

        Papers of Mary Lonsdale who was a general secretary of the Scottish Co-operative Women's Guild. Includes; correspondence, books, typed and handwritten notes relating to running of the Guild, conference speeches, photographs

        Mary Lonsdale, general secretary of SCWG