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Scotland With digital objects
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The Outhouse: Issue 1

c2012 (no clear date). Scotland. A4 booklet, with colour images and black and white text. Comb-bound. Subject matter: LGBT History month, celebrations across Scotland, poems, recipes, articles, letters etc.

Sarah-Egan Pentland

Ouija (un-numbered, 1)

  1. Scotland. Very small booklets, black and white. mixture of very few words and photographic images.

Jean McEwan

Metaluna: Issue 1

  1. Lanark. A5 booklet, black and white, mixed media, incl, photocopy, drawings, print. Contents: revolution, pirate radio in central scotland, 60s comics, media.

Has a letter inside addressed to “Saskia” from John Miller, dated 23/02/1996:
“METALUNA was initially concieved as a thing to amuse old pals from Lanark who I was at Lanark Grammar skool with in the '60s' but it turned out quite different as none of my old pals managed to do any article writing (too much television and lager) and I ended up writing it all myself.”

From the zine: “METALUNA came into existence due to a conversation in a Lanark pub about the sad absence of an 'underground press' and the suggestion of doing a wee magazine was made.”

John Miller

Juicy Fanzine: Single Issue

  1. East Kilbride. A5 with glossy cover and colours. Subject matter: This is a sponsored fanzine! Interviews: no doubt, review: the luna chicks, veruca salt.

Gaun Yersel! Single Issue

March 2015. Scotland. A5 booklet, blue polka dots on white background. Subject matter: Diary, Relationships, Comics.


Fluid: Issue 3

1996, August. Penicuik, Midlothian. A5 format, black and white. Music reviews and interviews.

A Night's Journey: Single Issue

  1. Scotland. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: image of a black and white train on a white background. Subject matter: A trip through the night on board the sleeper train to eating disorder recovery.