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Feminism With digital objects
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Big Grrrl's Blouse: Issue 4

Issue #4. c1997. United Kingdom. Feminist and riot grrrl material. A5 booklet, black and white, mixture of hand-drawn and text.


c.1997. Merseyside. Feminist/gay zine, biographical. a5, black and white.


Give me a break!: Issue 2

  1. Netherlands. A4 format, colour, black and white. Subject matter: Anarcha-feminist girls zine, collaboration between many people.

Heavy Girl (Single Issue)

  1. Toronto. A4 booklet with bright pink cover. Front cover: drawing of a woman lying down, with the title covering her. Subject matter: Body shape, Weight, LGBT, Diary, Comics, Poetry, Sex.

Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur: Issue 1

July 2012. Glasgow. Sponsored by Glasgow Women's Library and LGBT Youth Scotland's Rainbow Sisters. A5 booklet, with colour and black and white. Front cover: image of hens. Subject matter: queer, feminism, lgbt, personal, poetry, art, comics, drawing.

Just Like a Girl: Issue 4

c1999. No date. United States. A6 booklets, black and white photocopy. Front cover: image of a woman looking down with the text "have goddess, will travel." Subject matter: feminism, safe space for women, prose, poetry etc.

Muffled: Single Issue

c2000. No Date. Leicestershire. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: 5 white bunnies on a black background. Subject matter: Feminism, riot grrrl, body image, personal, memories, censorship, inequalities, music.


Pink Lemonade: Issue 3

c2000, no date. United Kingdom. Mix of handwriting, print, photo collage, doodles. Front cover: black and white image of a woman from the shoulders down, holding a tube-shaped object. Subject matter: Riot grrrl, Art, Francesca woodman, Music interview, Poetry, Reviews.


Red Hanky Panky: Issue 5

  1. London. A5 booklet, stamps, drawing, handwriting, print, collage, photography. Front cover: lots of little faces. Subject matter: Comics, Humour, Vaginas, Flu, Gender, Pride, Queer, Bisexual, Dreams, International women’s day.

Rachael House

Riot Grrrl Europe: Issue 1

  1. The Netherlands. A5 booklet, black and white. Subject matter: riot grrrl, feminism, politics, interviews.


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