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GB 1534 ZN/B/06/zines/B/6/1 · Item · c1997
Part of Zine Collection

c.1997. Merseyside. Feminist/gay zine, biographical. a5, black and white.

CIA: Issue 16
GB 1534 ZN/C/07/zines/C/7/1 · Item · 1992-04
Part of Zine Collection

April 1992. Nottingham, England. A4, glossy, colour front cover. Mixture of print, handwriting, text and image. Special Women's Own issue.

Heavy Girl (Single Issue)
GB 1534 ZN/H/02/zines/H/2/1 · Item · 1996
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Toronto. A4 booklet with bright pink cover. Front cover: drawing of a woman lying down, with the title covering her. Subject matter: Body shape, Weight, LGBT, Diary, Comics, Poetry, Sex.
Just Like a Girl: Issue 4
GB 1534 ZN/J/04/zines/J/4/2 · Item · c1999
Part of Zine Collection

c1999. No date. United States. A6 booklets, black and white photocopy. Front cover: image of a woman looking down with the text "have goddess, will travel." Subject matter: feminism, safe space for women, prose, poetry etc.

The Nerve: Issue 1
GB 1534 ZN/N/01/zines/N/1/1 · Item · 2001
Part of Zine Collection

c2001. Central England. A5 booklet, black and white. Poor quality photocopy, unclear imagery. Subject matter: riot grrrl.

Pink Lemonade: Issue 3
GB 1534 ZN/P/04/zines/P/4/1 · Item · 2000
Part of Zine Collection

c2000, no date. United Kingdom. Mix of handwriting, print, photo collage, doodles. Front cover: black and white image of a woman from the shoulders down, holding a tube-shaped object. Subject matter: Riot grrrl, Art, Francesca woodman, Music interview, Poetry, Reviews.

Riot Grrrl London: Issue 1
GB 1534 ZN/R/06/zines/R/6/1 · Item · 2001
Part of Zine Collection
  1. London. A4 booklet, stapled in the corner. Front cover: image of a woman with dark lipstick. Feminist essays, rants and rioting. Subject matter: riot grrrl, feminism, women, music, interviews, reviews.
Spiked Riot: Issue 1
GB 1534 ZN/S/15/zines/S/15/1 · Item · 2000
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Canada. A5 booklet, black and white photocopy, annotations, print, handwriting. Subject matter: Feminism, Bathroom activism, Graffiti.
Girl on gIRL Productions
Virago: Issue 5
GB 1534 ZN/V/04/zines/V/4/2 · Item · 1998
Part of Zine Collection
  1. USA. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: female face looking downwards. Subject matter: Feminism, sexuality, literature, poetry, personal accounts.

"my first cover model refused to allow her photo printed with the word "whore" on the cover, even to advertise the interview with the editor of "Whores and Other Feminists." Too much stigma attached. Who knew who would see it? Strange, that's what the interview is about. Other stigmas detached inside. P.S. So's your mama."

Sarah Manvel