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Correspondence, typed and handwritten, relating to Kathleen Miller's anti-nuclear activity. Communication between anti-nuclear organisations, members of Parliament, environmental organisations and the nuclear industry.

Image featured shows letter to Kathleen Miller from International Broadcasting Trust.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

General papers

General papers relating to the activities of the Scottish Conservation Society (SCS), including minutes of meetings and conference documents. Large amount of material relating to the Mullwharchar Campaign, including lyrics and sheet music for the campaign song 'My Friend Mullwharchar' and event related material. Also includes issue no. 19 of the publication 'Community Council News', containing an anti-nuclear article by Kathleen Miller.

Image featured shows poster for a fundraising concert held by the Mullwharchar Campaign.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Radioactive waste

Various papers relating to the effects of radioactive waste management, some concerning specific nuclear sites in the United Kingdom. Includes; press releases, reports, press cuttings and photocopies of articles.

Image featured shows two fact-sheets on the effects of nuclear waste.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner


Papers relating to conferences discussing the effects of radiation. Includes; reports, transcript of speech by Kevin MacDonald, correspondence thanking Kathleen Miller for her contribution to the 1987 Scottish Radiation Conference in Ayr and handwritten notes.

Image featured shows title page of the Report On The Second National Conference on the Health Effects of Low-Level Radiation.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Mullwharchar Campaign

Photographs relating to the Mullwharchar Campaign. Includes; images of the Mullwharchar walk (a campaign awareness event), and the Scottish Conservation Society's art exhibition held at New Galloway town Hall.

Image featured shows anti-nuclear protest outside Dumfries council offices, Kathleen Miller far right.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Anti and pro-nuclear

Booklets and leaflets relating to nuclear power, from anti and pro stances. Topics include; radioactive waste, environmental impacts and radiation. Publishers include; anti-nuclear campaign groups, the British government and nuclear companies

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Report on radioactive waste disposal

Anti-nuclear report entitled 'The Geological Case Against The Plans By UK NIREX To Dispose Of Radioactive Waste', published by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

Papers relating to the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority's (UKAEA) appeal against the refusal of planning permission to test bore for nuclear waste disposal at Mullwharchar. Includes; correspondence, submissions of objection to UKAEA's proposal, reports and campaign material.

Image featured shows poster promoting the Mullwharchar Campaign's cause.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner


Papers relating to the anti-nuclear group Chapelcross Watchdog and Action Group (CWAG), concerned with development of the Chapelcross nuclear station, Dumfries and Galloway. Includes; papers of meetings and correspondence.

Image featured shows first page of draft constitution proposal for CWAG.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner


Two video recordings:- 1. A recording of the Mullwharchar Memorial Concert held on 3rd October 1982, celebrating the success of the Mullwharchar Campaign. 2. A 2010 interview with Kathleen Miller, conducted and filmed by Kirsten Highet, discussing Kathleen Miller's involvement with the Mullwharchar Campaign.

Image featured shows the physical DVDs.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

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