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Women With digital objects
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1991, London. Various contributors. Larger-than-A5 format. Front cover: lilac background, cartoon image of tv on top of a body, with skull inside, reads "adjust your sense of reality." Black and white content. Subject matter: comic strips written and drawn entirely by women.

Cath Tate

Girl Cult: Volume 3, Issue 1

c1997, no date. London “in the middle of the world’s largest androgynous zone, Middlesex where men are men and so are women and vice versa”. Larger than A5. Some use of colour, mostly black and white. Subject matter: Comic, Erotica / smut, Agony aunt (“how does a naked girl stash some emergency cash when naked or nearly so?”), Poetry, Prose, Cosmetics, Personal essays.

Joan Brennan

Pearshaped: Issue 2

  1. Japan? A5 Booklet printed on multi-coloured paper. Print, drawing, handwriting, photography. Front cover: hand printed image of a female figure against a yellow background. Subject matter: computer, Women, body image.

Mia Ellis

Pocket Guide to Bitches: Single Issue

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet. Front cover: pink background with image of a terrier on front. Very high quality. Subject matter: images of female figures with dog heads, with information about the "breed".

Sophie Cunningham

Red Hanky Panky: Issue 5

  1. London. A5 booklet, stamps, drawing, handwriting, print, collage, photography. Front cover: lots of little faces. Subject matter: Comics, Humour, Vaginas, Flu, Gender, Pride, Queer, Bisexual, Dreams, International women’s day.

Rachael House

Shape & Situate: Issue 4

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet, print, linoprint, black and white, photography, drawings. Front cover: blue with title in bold, subtitle in scroll. Subject matter: the tagline is “Posters of Inspirational European Women”. The ‘posters’ are hand drawn images of inspirational women, complete with captions/other text describing the women