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Politics With digital objects
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Kung Fu Katz: Issue 4

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, black and white, photocopy. Front cover: collage, mixed media, black and white. Subject matter: Skateboarding, Personal, Music reviews, Zine reviews, Clubs, Shops, Politics (interview with Tommy Sheridan).


Fuck off Facebook: Issue 1, Same Shit, Different Faces

  1. Wales. A5 booklet with black and white front covers and content. Mixture of collage, photos, artwork, handwriting and print. Subject matter: political activism, including reaction to student riots against Tory cuts.


  1. USA. Political content, to raise awareness of the political and social situation of people living within the Chiapas area. Freely distributed.

Alantl Molina

Bound to Struggle: Vol. 1

c2004. United States. Tagline: where kink and radical politics meet. Volume One. A5 booklet, black and white.

Simon Strikeback

The Bathroom Activist

c2000. Quebec, Canada. A bathroom guide to political activism. A5 black & white.

Girl on gIRL Productions

Anti and pro-nuclear

Booklets and leaflets relating to nuclear power, from anti and pro stances. Topics include; radioactive waste, environmental impacts and radiation. Publishers include; anti-nuclear campaign groups, the British government and nuclear companies

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Democracy for Scotland march

Photographs of the Democracy for Scotland march in Edinburgh.

Image featured shows photograph of campaigners at the Democracy for Scotland march, including Alex Salmond.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Dounreay Inquiry

Photographs relating to the Dounreay inquiry. Includes; images of the Dounreay nuclear site, campaigning in Edinburgh, and postcards printed by the Dounreay Nuclear Establishment.

Image featured shows anti-nuclear campaigning outside Bute House in Edinburgh, Kathleen Miller second left.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

Correspondence and press releases

Correspondence and press releases relating to the People's Planning Inquiry Commission (PPIC), typed and handwritten. Includes correspondence between Kathleen Miller and members of Parliament, and members of the local community.

Image featured shows submission to PPIC.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

General Papers

General papers relating to the activities of the People's Planning Inquiry Commission (PPIC). Includes; correspondence, campaign material, submissions to the PPIC, press cuttings and requests for copies of the PPIC's report.

Image featured shows poster advertising PPIC related events.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner

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