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GB 1534 CLCBLG/7 · Series · 1980-2000
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Series contains material relating primarily to women's health and LGBTQ health. Includes publications, newsletters, booklets, reports, informative leaflets, guides, resources, articles on a wide variety of topics including HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, disability, substance and alcohol dependency, mental health, sexual health, housing and homelessness, policing, lesbian custody, D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people, domestic violence, and more.

GB 1534 ZN/W/07/zines/W/7/1 · Item · 2014
Part of Zine Collection
  1. North-West England. A5 booklet, black and white. Lots of hand drawn components, handwriting, print mix. Front cover: three faces with superhero masks. Subject matter: wellness of women in the North-West, working with young lesbian and bisexual women, those questioning their sexuality and their allies. Also focusing on those with disabilities – age group 14-19 (up to 25 with disabilities).
Witch: Issue 1
GB 1534 ZN/W/06/zines/W/6/1 · Item · 1995
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, mostly black and white. Front cover: red background, with image of a female ice skating, skulls, fire, hearts. Subject matter: Comic, Humour, Sex, Everyday, Cartoon.
Lorna Miller
GB 1534 GB 1534 KM/KM/3/KM/3/1/KM/3/1/1 · File · 1977 - 1984
Part of Kathleen Miller Archive

Papers relating to the Windscale nuclear reactor site, Cumbria. Includes; article on the Windscale inquiry and papers relating to the effects of radiation exposure.

Image featured shows first page of article relating to the Windscale inquiry.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner