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GB 1534 ZN/Y/02 · Series · 1994
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Birmingham. A6 booklets, multi-coloured pages. Mostly black and white print text. Subject matter: Music, Recipe, Cycling, music reviews and interviews (the petals), creative writing, greek indie pop bands.
Yo La Tengo Gazette
GB 1534 ZN/Y/01 · Series · 1997
Part of Zine Collection
  1. United States. A4 folded booklet, black and white. Tour schedule and notes from tour.
Wummin vs. G8
GB 1534 ZN/W/08 · Series · 2008
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Scotland. A5 booklets, black and white print. Subject matter: feminists against the G8 summit, politics, activism.
GB 1534 JF/2 · Series · 1982 - 1998
Part of Papers of Jackie Forster

Series includes printed, typed and handwritten materials including drafts, correspondences and newspaper clippings regarding the writing of Forster (sometimes named Mackenzie). This includes 1 file titled ‘Jackie Novel’ containing 2 drafts of ‘The Seven Galateas’, a novel written by Jacqueline Mackenzie (n.d. c.1960). Another file contains proofs, press, correspondence and edited drafts relating to ‘Rocking the Cradle’ (1981), a book written by Forster about lesbian motherhood. Another file contains materials related to a chapter called ‘Metamorphosis’ featured in a book by Veronica Groocock called ‘Changing our Lives’ where Forster features on the cover. Files also contain early writing by Forster, then Mackenzie called ‘Petal Power’, a preface to the Pink Plaque Guide and correspondence re proposals for Forster’s autobiography, sample chapters, questionnaires, article drafts and newspaper clippings, often attached to typed drafts and interviews for publications such as Pink Paper, Gay News, Kenric Newsletter, Sappho (including transcripts of debates), Women in Media,Women’s Equality Group Newsletter, Pride UK Launch 1998, a Sparerib (1988) and several obituaries of known lesbians within her community.

GB 1534 CM/6 · Series · 1988 - 2009
Part of Cathy McCormack Archive

Papers relating to Cathy McCormack and her family's writing, including research preparation, drafts, and her autobiography

Cathy McCormack
GB 1534 BB/1 · Series · 1976 - 1988
Part of Papers of Barbara Burford

This series contains draft copies of many of Barbara's literary works, including Patterns, Gennis, The Threshing Floor, Trooping of the Colour, Elysian Fields, Dreen, Finders Keepers, Martha, The Way She Walks, A Widow Born and a collection of Poetry.

GB 1534 CLCBLG/7 · Series · 1980-2000
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Series contains material relating primarily to women's health and LGBTQ health. Includes publications, newsletters, booklets, reports, informative leaflets, guides, resources, articles on a wide variety of topics including HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, disability, substance and alcohol dependency, mental health, sexual health, housing and homelessness, policing, lesbian custody, D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people, domestic violence, and more.

Women are Super
GB 1534 ZN/W/07 · Series · 2014
Part of Zine Collection
  1. North-West England. A5 booklet, black and white. Lots of hand drawn components, handwriting, print mix. Subject matter: wellness of women in the North-West, working with young lesbian and bisexual women, those questioning their sexuality and their allies. Also focusing on those with disabilities – agre group 14-19 (up to 25 with disabilities).
GB 1534 ZN/W/06 · Series · 1995
Part of Zine Collection

1995-1997. Glasgow. A5 and A4 booklets, mostly black and white. Subject matter: Comic, Humour, Sex, Everyday, Cartoon.

Lorna Miller
Who's that Bitch?
GB 1534 ZN/W/04 · Series · 2005
Part of Zine Collection

c2005, no date. Wigan, Lancs. A5 booklet, black and white photocopy. text, image, doodles, annotations. Subject matter: feminist, quote: “As I believe that the mainstream media is unfairly dominated by a male presence, I also believe that zines like mine are necessary to recognise the lives, gripes an achievements of women, and to provide inspiration for others.”