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Archival description
Castlemilk Womanhouse
GB 1534 WIP/5 · Series · 1988 - 2015
Part of Women in Profile

This series contains records created by CMW, such as minute reports, correspondence, financial reports and promotional materials (1988-1993); records relating to the coverage of the CMW, such as newspaper clippings, articles and related publications (1990-1993); photographs and slides (1990); as well as a sub-series containing records from a resurgence of interest in CMW that took place in 2014 and 2015.

Women in Profile
GB 1534 WIP/5/1/2 · File · 1988 - 1992
Part of Women in Profile

This file contains correspondence from central figures in the CMW project (Rachael Harris, Adele Patrick, Julie Roberts) to external organizations.

Financial Reports
GB 1534 WIP/5/1/3 · File · 1989 - 1990
Part of Women in Profile

This file contains reports that detail CMW's funding grants and distribution of funding.

GB 1534 WIP/5/1/3/1 · Item · 1989 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

In 1988 the Government launched an initiative called "New Life for Urban Scotland", which set up special Partnership Groups in 4 areas of Scotland, Castlemilk being one of them. This record provides a Community Response to the proposed Partnership as well as a Draft strategy for what the community felt "was needed to bring new life to Castlemilk".

GB 1534 WIP/5/1/1 · File · 1989 - 1994
Part of Women in Profile

This file contains Minutes from meetings where the possibility of the CMW project was discussed, and Minutes from meetings when the CMW was up and running. The Steering Committee that is referenced throughout the file was made up of participants, artists and local women. The committee discussed the issues facing the CMW at any given point in time.

GB 1534 WIP/5/1/1/2 · Item · 1989-03-08
Part of Women in Profile

These minutes are from the House Department Meeting. They minute a discussion about possible buildings that could be used for the CMW project.