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1991, London. Various contributors. Larger-than-A5 format. Front cover: lilac background, cartoon image of tv on top of a body, with skull inside, reads "adjust your sense of reality." Black and white content. Subject matter: comic strips written and drawn entirely by women.

Cath Tate

Talk to a Live Nude Girl: Single Issue

  1. No location. A6 booklet, with prints in black and white. Text and image. Front cover: red textured background with title in the style of a neon sign. Subject matter: how to talk to girls, satire. Art book.

Molly Barker

CIA: Issue 16

April 1992. Nottingham, England. A4, glossy, colour front cover. Mixture of print, handwriting, text and image. Special Women's Own issue.

Heavy Flow: Issue 1

  1. Edinburgh. A5 booklet, black and white with red accents. Front cover: panel from a Julie Doucet comic strip. Subject matter: Menstruation, Feminism, Comic, Julie Doucet, PMT, Poetry, History.


Lonestar Comics: Issue 1

  1. Brighton. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: Cowgirl with guns. Subject matter: Comic strips, text/image story, feminism.

Stella Starr

Kitten Frenzy: Issue 3

1994ish. Glasgow. A5 booklets, highly colourful. Front cover: bright green with a cartoon cat on the front, adorned with a silver star. Subject matter: Music, Interviews, Gig reviews, music review, travel, philosophy (existentialism), music interview: further, kim gordon), music comic: lung leg, phrenology.

In Doctrine Nation: Single Issue

  1. NYC-based. A5 booklet with colour, black and white, and a mixture of drawings, hand-lettering, cartoons. Front cover: very colourful drawing of a six-breasted figure against a blue backdrop. Subject matter: personal, diary, relationship


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