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CIA: Issue 16

April 1992. Nottingham, England. A4, glossy, colour front cover. Mixture of print, handwriting, text and image. Special Women's Own issue.

Crush Zine

c1996. USA. A5, black and white, face with hearts for eyes on the cover. Contents include contributions of short stories about first crushes/embarrassing crushes etc. from various contributors.

Chronicles of a Cheating Heart: Issue 1

July, 2005. London. Small, square booklet which folds out into A4. Black and white, mixture of media. Content varies from band interviews to opinion pieces, short essays and questions.

Kitty Chronic

Doris: Issue 18

c1999, no date included. North Carolina. A6 booklet, black and white mixed media content incl. handwriting, drawing, type and some collage. Subject matter: personal reflection, biographical, poetry.

Femme a Barbe: Vol.1

c2005, date unknown. Location unknown. A5 booklet, blac ad white photocopy, hand writing, type and drawings. For bearded ladies and other gender outlaws.

Jenna Bee


  1. Wales. A4 colour booklet, with drawing/painting of a woman with long brown hair on the front cover. Subject matter: Art, Women, Welsh culture, Poetry, Caroline Duffy.

Heavy Girl (Single Issue)

  1. Toronto. A4 booklet with bright pink cover. Front cover: drawing of a woman lying down, with the title covering her. Subject matter: Body shape, Weight, LGBT, Diary, Comics, Poetry, Sex.

Hip Kitty: Issue 2

  1. Washington-Glasgow. A5 booklet with black and white content. Subject matter: Diary, personal, relationships, home.

In Doctrine Nation: Single Issue

  1. NYC-based. A5 booklet with colour, black and white, and a mixture of drawings, hand-lettering, cartoons. Front cover: very colourful drawing of a six-breasted figure against a blue backdrop. Subject matter: personal, diary, relationship


Just Like a Girl: Issue 4

c1999. No date. United States. A6 booklets, black and white photocopy. Front cover: image of a woman looking down with the text "have goddess, will travel." Subject matter: feminism, safe space for women, prose, poetry etc.

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