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Boa: Issue 2

  1. Glasgow. Band interviews, reviews, short stories, gruesome death scenarios. A5, black & white.


Botramaid: Issue 4

  1. Glasgow. Band reviews, music reviews, Stirling festival review. A5 booklet, red cover with fish.

Gail Douglas

Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur: Issue 1

July 2012. Glasgow. Sponsored by Glasgow Women's Library and LGBT Youth Scotland's Rainbow Sisters. A5 booklet, with colour and black and white. Front cover: image of hens. Subject matter: queer, feminism, lgbt, personal, poetry, art, comics, drawing.

Jelly Bean Machine: Issue 1

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet, black and white photocopy material. Bound with safety pin. Front cover: lilac with various images and text. Came with free jelly beans! Subject matter: Music, Zine reviews, Glasgow bands.


Kitten Frenzy: Issue 3

1994ish. Glasgow. A5 booklets, highly colourful. Front cover: bright green with a cartoon cat on the front, adorned with a silver star. Subject matter: Music, Interviews, Gig reviews, music review, travel, philosophy (existentialism), music interview: further, kim gordon), music comic: lung leg, phrenology.

Kung Fu Katz: Issue 4

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, black and white, photocopy. Front cover: collage, mixed media, black and white. Subject matter: Skateboarding, Personal, Music reviews, Zine reviews, Clubs, Shops, Politics (interview with Tommy Sheridan).


Le Tigre: Single Issue

  1. Glasgow Women's Library. A5 booklet. Front cover: yellow with black and white image of a tiger. Subject matter: Le Tigre, Interview, Feminism, Music, Politics, Riot Grrrl.

Heather Middleton

No, I'm a Veronica: Issue 1

January 2001. Glasgow. A4 booklet. Front cover: glossy with image of a bomb on the front, and a purple border. Subject matter: interviews, anecdotes, fashion, Scottish national stereotypes explored, short stories.


Purdey's Gusset: Issue 2

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, with photocopy, drawings, print, handwriting. Front cover: pink background with a hand drawn image of a woman punching a giraffe. Subject matter: fashion, hair, make up, review: stereolab, personal comics, children's tv programmes, spit and a half record label, lists.


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