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Jelly Bean Machine: Issue 1

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet, black and white photocopy material. Bound with safety pin. Front cover: lilac with various images and text. Came with free jelly beans! Subject matter: Music, Zine reviews, Glasgow bands.


Juicy Fanzine: Single Issue

  1. East Kilbride. A5 with glossy cover and colours. Subject matter: This is a sponsored fanzine! Interviews: no doubt, review: the luna chicks, veruca salt.

Just Like a Girl: Issue 4

c1999. No date. United States. A6 booklets, black and white photocopy. Front cover: image of a woman looking down with the text "have goddess, will travel." Subject matter: feminism, safe space for women, prose, poetry etc.

Kissy Kissy: Issue 3

c1999, no date. Rotherham, South Yorkshire. A5 booklet, handwritten, collaged. Front cover: red, with image of female on front. Subject matter: body image, hate, school day, the “spur posse date rape”, sex, feminism, riot grrrl, tank girl, alienation, nancy spungen, bullying, periods.


Kitten Frenzy: Issue 3

1994ish. Glasgow. A5 booklets, highly colourful. Front cover: bright green with a cartoon cat on the front, adorned with a silver star. Subject matter: Music, Interviews, Gig reviews, music review, travel, philosophy (existentialism), music interview: further, kim gordon), music comic: lung leg, phrenology.

Kung Fu Katz: Issue 4

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, black and white, photocopy. Front cover: collage, mixed media, black and white. Subject matter: Skateboarding, Personal, Music reviews, Zine reviews, Clubs, Shops, Politics (interview with Tommy Sheridan).


Le Tigre: Single Issue

  1. Glasgow Women's Library. A5 booklet. Front cover: yellow with black and white image of a tiger. Subject matter: Le Tigre, Interview, Feminism, Music, Politics, Riot Grrrl.

Heather Middleton

Lisa Lionheart: Issue 2

c1999. No date. United States. A5 booklet with black and white photocopy, print, handwriting etc. Subject matter: women, body, anatomy, veganism.

Lonestar Comics: Issue 1

  1. Brighton. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: Cowgirl with guns. Subject matter: Comic strips, text/image story, feminism.

Stella Starr

Metaluna: Issue 1

  1. Lanark. A5 booklet, black and white, mixed media, incl, photocopy, drawings, print. Contents: revolution, pirate radio in central scotland, 60s comics, media.

Has a letter inside addressed to “Saskia” from John Miller, dated 23/02/1996:
“METALUNA was initially concieved as a thing to amuse old pals from Lanark who I was at Lanark Grammar skool with in the '60s' but it turned out quite different as none of my old pals managed to do any article writing (too much television and lager) and I ended up writing it all myself.”

From the zine: “METALUNA came into existence due to a conversation in a Lanark pub about the sad absence of an 'underground press' and the suggestion of doing a wee magazine was made.”

John Miller

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