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Women are Super: Single Issue

  1. North-West England. A5 booklet, black and white. Lots of hand drawn components, handwriting, print mix. Front cover: three faces with superhero masks. Subject matter: wellness of women in the North-West, working with young lesbian and bisexual women, those questioning their sexuality and their allies. Also focusing on those with disabilities – age group 14-19 (up to 25 with disabilities).

Witch: Issue 1

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, mostly black and white. Front cover: red background, with image of a female ice skating, skulls, fire, hearts. Subject matter: Comic, Humour, Sex, Everyday, Cartoon.

Lorna Miller

The Wires: Issue 1

  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: very detailed, beautiful drawing of crossed wires, in black and white. Subject matter: A5 black and white comic, fiction, sci fi, technology, queer, nightmare.

Who's that Bitch?: Single Issue

c2005, no date. Wigan, Lancs. A5 booklet, black and white photocopy. text, image, doodles, annotations. Front cover: white background with black and white photocopied image of young girl. Subject matter: feminist, quote: “As I believe that the mainstream media is unfairly dominated by a male presence, I also believe that zines like mine are necessary to recognise the lives, gripes an achievements of women, and to provide inspiration for others.”

When Language Runs Dry: Issue 4

December 2012. United States (?) A5 booklet, black and white print/text. Front cover: white background, drawing of a bird with orange wings and face. Subject matter: a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies.


A Visitor in Myself: Issue 3

Winter 2014. United States. A6 booklet, black and white, print, imagery. Front cover: photograph of a town, with title drawn over the top. Subject matter: friendship, love and following through.

Virago: Issue 5

  1. USA. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: female face looking downwards. Subject matter: Feminism, sexuality, literature, poetry, personal accounts.

"my first cover model refused to allow her photo printed with the word "whore" on the cover, even to advertise the interview with the editor of "Whores and Other Feminists." Too much stigma attached. Who knew who would see it? Strange, that's what the interview is about. Other stigmas detached inside. P.S. So's your mama."

Sarah Manvel

Vaginal Teeth: Issue 1

  1. Leeds. A5 booklet, black and white, images, text, print, drawing, handwriting. Subject matter: Agony uncle, Women’s magazines, Riot grrrl, Feminism, Music, Mental health, Zine culture, female friendships.

TV TImes: a Seven Day Guide to Killing your TV (Single Issue)

c1999, no date. Oxford. A5 booklet, stapled at the edge. Use of colour but mostly black and white. Front cover: television head. Subject matter: Anti-capitalist, anti-censorship, television, propoganda, culture, activism, deoderant, anti-media.


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