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Archival description
GB 1534 CLCBLG · Collection · 1964 - 2001

Papers and correspondence of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group (CLCLBLG), a lesbian feminist collective and physical space (c.1982-1995). Includes autograph, typescript, printed and photocopied material.

The archive includes: personal and business correspondence; CLCBLG administrative records including annual reports, diaries, meeting minutes and agendas, employee information packs, policy and procedural documents, and related material; CLCBLG Management Committee administrative records, including meeting minutes; CLCBLG newsletters; CLCBLG publicity material including flyers, posters and leaflets; press cuttings covering CLCBLG’s development, contemporary lesbian and gay issues, and related issues and communities; newsletters and bulletins of various other women’s, feminist, LGBTQ+, community and/or voluntary organisations; feminist and/or LGBTQ+ periodicals and journals; papers, programmes, flyers and other material relating to various women’s and/or lesbian feminist conferences; literature, flyers and circular correspondence relating to global solidarity campaigns with women in the Global South (e.g., South Africa, Namibia, Chile, indigenous Australian communities, Peru, India, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and elsewhere); administrative records of Camden Council Women’s Committee including meeting minutes; administrative records of Camden Council Lesbian and Gay Unit including meeting minutes; administrative records of A Woman’s Place including meeting minutes and correspondence; literature relating to women’s health and wellbeing, including resource guides and reports; audio cassettes; VHS tapes; material relating to various feminist collectives and women’s groups, including briefings, journals, bulletins, information sheets, legal guidance; academic journal articles and longform journalism; administrative records of London Women’s Centre at Wesley House, 4 Wild Court including meeting minutes, correspondence relating to events and premises, and material relating to groups based at the Centre.

The collection also contains a sizeable photographic archive including original photographs, slides, prints, photocopied and printed images, many of which appear to have originated with – or been featured in – Outwrite women’s newspaper. Many of these photographs document CLCBLG’s life and its members, while others document local, national and international protests, struggles and activist campaigns.

Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group
Dorothy Dick Collection
GB 1534 DD · Fonds · 1814 - 1976

This collection contains records of Dorothy Dick's life, including scrapbooks, photographs, training manuals, family research, and memorabilia.

Dick, Dorothy, 1905- ?
GB 1534 GWY · Collection · 1984 - 1989

4 series of papers of the Gwynedd and Bangor Lesbian Line from 1987-1989. Including written, typescript, printed and photocopied material. Contains materials relating to the line’s organisational running, such as meeting minutes, banking certificates and draft speeches; Correspondence including Christmas cards from line members and employee letters; the Lines newsletters, and various items ephemera including leaflets, flyers and printed images.

Gwynedd and Bangor Lesbian Line, 1984-1989
Kathleen Miller Archive
GB 1534 GB 1534 KM · Collection · 1968 - 2010

This collection contains papers and publications relating to Kathleen Miller's anti-nuclear activism from the 1970s-1990s. Includes; correspondence, scrapbooks and campaign booklets.

Miller, Kathleen, 1936-2013, Anti-nuclear campaigner
LGBTQ+ Periodical Collection
GB 1534 LGBTQ + PERIODICALS · Collection · 1925 - 2011

Ache 1988-1993
Arcadie: Mouvement Homophile de France 1976-1982
Archives Recherches et Cultures Lesbiennes 1984-1992
Artemis: For Women Who Love Women 1983
Atlanta 1998-1992
Bay Windows 1983-1988
Bi-monthly 1984
Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (project) 1986-1993
The Body Politic: a magazine for gay liberation 1978-1985
Bollettino del C.L.I: Collegamento fra le lesbiche italiane 1982-1993
The Bristol Radical Lesbian Feminist Magazine 1986-1990
Capital Gay 1983-1995
Contact magazine: Britain’s national lesbian monthly 1985-1987
Common lives: Lesbian lives, a lesbian quarterly 1981-1995
Curve 2005-2008
Deneuve : The Lesbian Magazine 1992-1995
EFFE 1974-1978
Gay Community News: The Weekly for Lesbians and Gays 1982-1987
Gay Left 1975-1979
Gay News 1972-1983
Gay Scotland 1983-2003
Gemma Newsletter 1980-2006
Gen 1987
Kenric Newsletter (The nationwide social network for lesbians run by members for members) 1987-2000
The Ladder: A Lesbian Review 1963-1971
Lesbian Contradiction 1986-1994
Lesbian Feminist Circle 1973-1985
Lesbian and Gay Socialist 1984-1989
Lesbian Herstory Archives News 1975-1988
Lesbian Information Service Newsletter 1987-1990
National Women Only: Lesbian Information service (later: Lesbians International) 1987-1990
Lesbian London 1991/92 (Dec-Jan issue)-1994
Lesbian Network: Australian newsletter for Lesbian information/resources 1984-1985
Lesbian Newsletter: Leicester newsletter for Lesbian information/resources 1987
Lesbian Newsletter: Wellington newsletter for Lesbian information/resources 1988-1995
A Lesbian Position: The Newsletter 1989-1997
Lesbian Tide 1972-1979
Lesbian Quarterly 1995-1998
Lover 1989-2004
Manchester’s Lesbian Zone 1984-1986
MOVE: A Publication of the Gay Women’s Group – Women’s Liberation 1975-1980
Northgate news: The Newsletter of the Oxford Lesbian and Gay centre 1992-1996
Older Lesbian Network Newsletter 1984-2007
Outcome 1977-1980
Quim 1989-2001
Rosige Zeiten 1989-1999
Rouge 1989/90 (winter issue)-1995
Sappho 1973-1981 (issues before this not dated)

Sequel 1978-1981
Shebang: The Dyke Agenda 1992-1994
Sinister Wisdom 1976-2011
Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists Newsletter 1988-1997
Solga 1988-1997
Square Peg 1983-1987
The Dyke: Lesbian Outdoor Magazine (was called The Dyke Lesbian Walker’s Newsletter until April 1996) 1994-1998
Lesbian Magazine 1983-1996
The Pink Paper 1987-2004
Lesbian Ethics 1985-1991
Urania 1925-1935
Visibilities 1988-1991

Glasgow Women's Library
Lucilla Andrews Archive
GB 1534 GB 1534 LA · Collection · 1884 - 2005

This collection contains papers relating to Lucilla Andrews' writing career. Includes; publishing contracts and correspondence, novels both bound and unbound, poetry, newspaper clippings, papers relating to writing school.

Lucilla Andrews, 1919-2006, romance novelist
Papers of Barbara Burford
GB 1534 BB · Fonds · 1976 - 1988

This collection contains records relating to the life of Barbara Burford, including drafts of literary works, research notes, professional and personal correspondence, photographs, memorabilia and cassette tapes.

Burford, Barbara (1944-2010)