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A Visitor in Myself: Issue 3
GB 1534 ZN/V/05/zines/V/5/1 · Item · 2014
Part of Zine Collection

Winter 2014. United States. A6 booklet, black and white, print, imagery. Front cover: photograph of a town, with title drawn over the top. Subject matter: friendship, love and following through.

GB 1534 ZN/B/02/zines/B/2/1 · Item · 2013
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Portland, Oregon. Use of photography as imagery, short personal stories with one-word titles such as ‘Accident’ or ‘Broken’. Reflective on things that have happened in the author’s life, including the mundane. A5, muted colours.
Joshua James Amberson
Billy's Mitten: Issue 9
GB 1534 ZN/B/01/01 · Item · c1996
Part of Zine Collection

c1996. Tucson, USA. Teen-based subject matter: "haircuts, teen fun, camping, reviews, spying, d.i.y. tapes, alex mack". A5, black & white.

Theresa Mitten
Bound to Struggle: Vol. 1
GB 1534 ZN/B/09/zines/B/9/1 · Item · c2004
Part of Zine Collection

c2004. United States. Tagline: where kink and radical politics meet. Volume One. A5 booklet, black and white.

Simon Strikeback
Buried in Black
GB 1534 ZN/B/12/zines/B/12/1 · Item · 2001
Part of Zine Collection
  1. United States. Subject matter deals with depression and thoughts of suicide. Biographical. A6 booklet, black and white, mixture of collage and text.
GB 1534 ZN/C/05/zines/C/5/1 · Item · 1998-03-06
Part of Zine Collection
  1. USA. Political content, to raise awareness of the political and social situation of people living within the Chiapas area. Freely distributed.
Alantl Molina
Crush Zine
GB 1534 ZN/C/09/zines/C/9/1 · Item · c1996
Part of Zine Collection

c1996. USA. A5, black and white, face with hearts for eyes on the cover. Contents include contributions of short stories about first crushes/embarrassing crushes etc. from various contributors.

Doris: Issue 18
GB 1534 ZN/D/02/zines/D/2/1 · Item · c1999
Part of Zine Collection

c1999, no date included. North Carolina. A6 booklet, black and white mixed media content incl. handwriting, drawing, type and some collage. Subject matter: personal reflection, biographical, poetry.

GB 1534 ZN/I/04/zines/I/4/1 · Item · 1994
Part of Zine Collection
  1. NYC-based. A5 booklet with colour, black and white, and a mixture of drawings, hand-lettering, cartoons. Front cover: very colourful drawing of a six-breasted figure against a blue backdrop. Subject matter: personal, diary, relationship
Just Like a Girl: Issue 4
GB 1534 ZN/J/04/zines/J/4/2 · Item · c1999
Part of Zine Collection

c1999. No date. United States. A6 booklets, black and white photocopy. Front cover: image of a woman looking down with the text "have goddess, will travel." Subject matter: feminism, safe space for women, prose, poetry etc.