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Archival description
Building plans
GB 1534 TR/1/3/1 · File · c2000s
Part of Take Root

Building and floor plans concerning self-build projects like Take Root and others.

Take Root
Take Root correspondence
GB 1534 TR/1/4/1 · File · 1993-2000
Part of Take Root

Correspondence to and from Take Root. This includes letters from Take Root promoting the project, organising meetings and training, and correspondence from members. Also included is correspondence to Take Root from students, concerning their dissertations, new membership queries and organisations wishing to work with the group.

Take Root
Poverty Alliance
GB 1534 CM/4/2 · File · 2006 - 2007
Part of Cathy McCormack Archive

Poverty Alliance AGM email print out correspondence, Questionnaire and Programme, poverty in Scotland conference itinerary and correspondence, election manifesto summaries, poverty alliance Scottish anti-poverty review booklet, Glasgow’s People: Transcending poverty booklet and conference report, Glasgow Civic conversation report, printed newspaper articles from the Guardian and the Sunday Herald

Cathy McCormack
GB 1534 TR/1/4/2 · File · 1993-2001
Part of Take Root

Correspondence from Scottish Homes, the National Housing Agency. This concerns self-build projects, guides to self-building, regulations and policies.

Take Root
Local Group Meeting Minutes
GB 1534 SWA/7/2/2 · File · 1992-01-13 - 1992-10-08
Part of Scottish Women's Aid Collection

Minutes and one agenda of Glasgow Culdion Group Meetings held on following dates:
1/13th January, 1992
2/2nd March, 1992
3/30th March, 1992
4/28th May, 1992
5/8th October, 1992 (handwritten and typed versions)
6/Edinburgh Group Pro Forma Minutes 25th June, 1992
7/Edinburgh Group Pro Forma Minutes 28th June, 1992

Culdion Housing Association
GB 1534 SWA/7/4/3 · File · 1991 - 1992
Part of Scottish Women's Aid Collection


1/Letter from Judith Keenan, Development Co-ordinator at Culdion Housing Association, to Iain Nicholson at Norwest Holst Partnerships regarding objections to Culdion Housing being involved in the development.
2/Letter from Wendy Bullard, Culdion Development Officer to Glasgow Women's Aid regarding completion date of flat in development and interviewing prospective tenants
3/Letter from Wendy Bullard, Culdion Development Officer to Glasgow Women's Aid regarding arranging meeting to discuss propective tenants for flats in Dormanside Development.

Culdion Housing Association
GB 1534 HQ/3/1 · File · 1994
Part of Records of Harpies and Quines

Contains photographs of AdTrailer campaign promoting Harpies and Quines magazine. Including; 4 photographs in cardboard frames of the AdTrailer in various locations around Glasgow, 6 photographs in plastic wallet of AdTrailer (with handwritten note from AdTrailer hire company attached), 2 mock-ups of advert.

Harpies and Quines
Take Root meeting papers
GB 1534 TR/1/1/1 · File · 1993-2003
Part of Take Root

Typed and handwritten minutes and agendas from Take Root meetings.

Take Root
GB 1534 TR/1/2/1 · File · 1994-2001
Part of Take Root

Funding applications and correspondence of Take Root. This includes funding applications and correspondence from Glasgow 1999, Shell Better Britain Campaign, Scottish Housing Association Charitable Trust, Scottish Community Projects and Scottish Homes.

Take Root