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Muffled: Single Issue

c2000. No Date. Leicestershire. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: 5 white bunnies on a black background. Subject matter: Feminism, riot grrrl, body image, personal, memories, censorship, inequalities, music.


A Night's Journey: Single Issue

  1. Scotland. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: image of a black and white train on a white background. Subject matter: A trip through the night on board the sleeper train to eating disorder recovery.

No, I'm a Veronica: Issue 1

January 2001. Glasgow. A4 booklet. Front cover: glossy with image of a bomb on the front, and a purple border. Subject matter: interviews, anecdotes, fashion, Scottish national stereotypes explored, short stories.


One False Move: Issue 1

June 2013. United Kingdom. A6 booklet, black and white. Subject matter: music, personal, musings, PhD, romance, tattoo.

Ouija (un-numbered, 1)

  1. Scotland. Very small booklets, black and white. mixture of very few words and photographic images.

Jean McEwan

The Outhouse: Issue 1

c2012 (no clear date). Scotland. A4 booklet, with colour images and black and white text. Comb-bound. Subject matter: LGBT History month, celebrations across Scotland, poems, recipes, articles, letters etc.

Sarah-Egan Pentland

Pearshaped: Issue 2

  1. Japan? A5 Booklet printed on multi-coloured paper. Print, drawing, handwriting, photography. Front cover: hand printed image of a female figure against a yellow background. Subject matter: computer, Women, body image.

Mia Ellis

Pink Lemonade: Issue 3

c2000, no date. United Kingdom. Mix of handwriting, print, photo collage, doodles. Front cover: black and white image of a woman from the shoulders down, holding a tube-shaped object. Subject matter: Riot grrrl, Art, Francesca woodman, Music interview, Poetry, Reviews.


Pocket Guide to Bitches: Single Issue

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet. Front cover: pink background with image of a terrier on front. Very high quality. Subject matter: images of female figures with dog heads, with information about the "breed".

Sophie Cunningham

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