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Shepherd, Betty; Smith, Louise; Smith, Margaret [Domestic Abuse Survivors; Angus Women's Aid]

Interviewees: Betty Shepherd (BS), Louise Smith (LS) and Margaret Smith (MS)
Date: 08/05/2017
Location: Arbroath
Time: 01:10:30
Interviewer: Sarah Browne

Time period: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s
Groups: Angus Women’s Aid
Roles: Betty Shepherd and Margaret Smith are founding members of Angus Women's Aid. Both are survivors of domestic abuse. Louise Smith is Margaret’s daughter and was in refuge as a child.

Shape & Situate: Issue 4

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet, print, linoprint, black and white, photography, drawings. Front cover: blue with title in bold, subtitle in scroll. Subject matter: the tagline is “Posters of Inspirational European Women”. The ‘posters’ are hand drawn images of inspirational women, complete with captions/other text describing the women

Screaming Sheep: Issue 5

December 1996. Italy. A5 booklet, black and white content. Front cover: red card, burning christmas tree with silver star on top. Subject matter: Music reviews, Zine reviews, Fairytales, Satire, Book review, Music interview.


Sassyfrass Circus: Issue 3

  1. United States. A5 booklet, stapled. Black and white, photocopy, a lot of drawing, handwriting and comic strips. Front cover: hand drawn images, woman, sitting down, woman in underwear, thought bubbles. Subject matter: politics, personal opinions, sex, college, body image, music, food.
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