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Archival description
GB 1534 WIP/5/5/3/2 · Item · 2014 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

This dissertation was created by Hannah Hamblin, a researcher from the University of Edinburgh Modern and Contemporary Art Departmenet who joined the Housework project.

Financial Reports
GB 1534 WIP/5/1/3 · File · 1989 - 1990
Part of Women in Profile

This file contains reports that detail CMW's funding grants and distribution of funding.

A Womanhouse Project Booklet
GB 1534 WIP/5/2/3/3 · Item · 1990 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

This booklet was created by Annie Lovejoy. Lovejoy was an artist who contribted to the CMW project through her "A Sense of Purpose" installation in the tenement's kitchen, a project centred on the "endless cycle" of kitchen duties, and her "A Room of My Own" installation. The booklet includes details of Lovejoy's residency, details of her ideas for her installations and details of her proposed workshop. The date of creation of the booklet is unknown, however, much of its content relates to events that took place in the year 1990.

GB 1534 WIP/5/5/2/3 · Item · 2014-07-06
Part of Women in Profile

The transcript from an interview between Kate Davis (Interviewer) and Claire Barclay (Interviewee). Claire was one of three Glasgow School of Art graduates who led the CMW project.

Financial Outlook March 1990
GB 1534 WIP/5/1/3/3 · Item · 1990 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

This outlook provides a breakdown of CMW's "confirmed funding" and a plan for the ways in which they intend to use it.

GB 1534 WIP/5/5/1/3 · Item · 2014-10-18
Part of Women in Profile

A leaflet for a Film Screening Event hosted at the Castlemilk Community centre. The films screened were “Womanhouse”, 1971 by Johanna Demetrakas, Anne-Marie Copestakes documentary of CMW, 1995, and Kate Davis’s “Weight”, 2014.