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GB 1534 ZN/B/02/zines/B/2/1 · Item · 2013
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Portland, Oregon. Use of photography as imagery, short personal stories with one-word titles such as ‘Accident’ or ‘Broken’. Reflective on things that have happened in the author’s life, including the mundane. A5, muted colours.
Joshua James Amberson
Big Grrrl's Blouse: Issue 4
GB 1534 ZN/B/13/zines/B/13/1 · Item · c1997
Part of Zine Collection

Issue #4. c1997. United Kingdom. Feminist and riot grrrl material. A5 booklet, black and white, mixture of hand-drawn and text.

Billy's Mitten: Issue 9
GB 1534 ZN/B/01/01 · Item · c1996
Part of Zine Collection

c1996. Tucson, USA. Teen-based subject matter: "haircuts, teen fun, camping, reviews, spying, d.i.y. tapes, alex mack". A5, black & white.

Theresa Mitten
GB 1534 SWA/4/11 · Item · 2017-01-20
Part of Scottish Women's Aid Collection

Interviewee: Hazel Bingham
Date: 20/01/2017
Location: East Ayrshire Women’s Aid
Time: 01:13:48
Interviewer: Elsa Rodeck

Time period: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
Groups: Kilmarnock Women’s Aid, North Ayrshire Women’s Aid, Perthshire Women’s Aid, Scottish Women’s Aid, South Ayrshire Women’s Aid
Roles: Finance worker (Kilmarnock WA, North Ayrshire WA), coordinator (Kilmarnock WA), treasurer (SWA), manager (Perthshire WA, South Ayrshire WA)

Black Lesbian Feminism
GB 1534 CLCBLG/3 · Series · 1971 - 1996
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Series contains material relating to organisations for Black lesbians and lesbians of colour; Black and Asian women's groups; feminist campaigns; anti-racist organisations and campaigns; Black and Brown women's political activism; and global solidarity actions and campaigns. Includes publications, flyers, posters, booklets, leaflets, press cuttings, newsletters, and more.

Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group
GB 1534 ZN/B/15/zines/B/15/1 · Item · c2014
Part of Zine Collection

c2014. United Kingdom. Biographical and Reflective. A5, black and white with a mixture of photocopy, collage and text.

Boa: Issue 2
GB 1534 ZN/B/05/zines/B/5/2 · Item · 1996-08
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Glasgow. Band interviews, reviews, short stories, gruesome death scenarios. A5, black & white.
GB 1534 ZN/B/06/zines/B/6/1 · Item · c1997
Part of Zine Collection

c.1997. Merseyside. Feminist/gay zine, biographical. a5, black and white.