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off our backs
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/14 · File · 1995-1997
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Issues of off our backs (Apr 1995, May 1995, Jun 1995, Jul 1995, Aug/Sept 1995, Oct 1995, Nov 1995, Jan 1996, Mar 1996, Apr 1996, May 1996, Jun 1996, Jul 1996, Aug/Sept 1996, Oct 1996, Nov 1996, Dec 1996, Jan 1997, Feb 1997, Mar 1997, Apr 1997, May 1997, June 1997).

off our backs
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/16 · File · 1970-1995
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Various LGBTQ and feminist publications, including: Paper Gai (Spanish-language LGBT+ magazine from Valencia; May 1994); ONE/IGLA bulletin (newsletter of ONE Institute/International Gay and Lesbian Archive; Spring 1995); First Things First: Books for Women catalogue (1975/76); short story called ‘It need Never have Happened’ (n.d.); the Fawcett Library newsletter (Jan 1995); ‘Meeting the Educational Needs of our Children’, 2nd African Books Festival brochure (Nov 1987); Images of Women newsletter (n.d. [c.1970s]); Gay Concern newsletter (n.d. [c.1970s]); Roman Catholic Feminist newsletter (Oct 1979); London Irish Women’s Centre information pack (n.d.); and notes regarding men on premises [at A Woman's Place or London Women's Centre?; n.d.].

Also contains conference papers from British Sociological Association Conference, 5-8 April 1982: ‘Gender marking in teachers’ assessments’ by Jane French, University of Manchester; ‘National Reproduction: Sexism, Racism & the State’ by Nira Yuval Davis, Thames Polytechnic; ‘Women and Caring: Skills, Tasks and Taboos’ by Clare Ungerson, University of Kent; ‘Purification or Social Control? Ideologies of Reproduction and the Churching of Women after Childbirth by Peter Rushton, Sunderland Polytechnic; ‘Theories of Sexuality in Medical Practice: A Working Paper’ by Ong Bie Mo and Jane Rosser; ‘The Sexual Harassment of Working Women’ by Stephen J. Morewitz, University of Chicago; ‘The Regulation of Fertility – Some Social and Historical Questions’ by Caroline Love; ‘Crowd Control at English Football Matches: Some Issues of Gender’ by Jerry M. Lewis, Kent State University; ‘Food as an Indicator of Social Relations’ by Marion Kerr and Nickie Charles; ‘Community Study of Violence to Women’ by Jane Hanmer and Sheila Saunders (University of Bradford), ‘Social Gender and linguistic Gender: Masculine and Feminine in Language and Society’ by Jean Crocker, University of Newcastle; ‘Hide and Clique: Structural Aspects in Disclosure of a Discreditable Identity’ by Peter M. Davies, University College Cardiff; ‘Towards a Sociology of Domestic Economy’ by Anne Goldthorpe and Judy Worsnop; ‘The Professions and the Semi-Professions: The Control of Emotions and the Construction of Masculinity’ by Jeff Hearn, University of Bradford; ‘Illness, Crime and the ‘Female Role’: Problems in the Analysis of Sex and Gender’ by Anne Edwards Hiller, Monash University.

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/2 · File · 1987-1992
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Publications and leaflets from Latin American and international lesbian groups (primarily Spanish-language material).

Includes: leaflet for Acercándote al Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (Gay Movement of Lima; n.d.); Conducta (Im)propia magazine (‘(Im)proper Conduct’; Mar 1992); National Centre for Lesbian Rights bulletin (Autumn 1992); WARMI (Latin American Women’s Rights Service) newsletter (Dec 1990); ‘Lesbian Action / Lesbian Organization’ publication by the International Lesbian Information Service, detailing their history and future plans (n.d.); report entitled ‘Situación de las lesbianas en Chile’ by Ayuquelén lesbian feminist collective (n.d. [c.1980s?]); ‘Colectivo Ayuquelén: “Somos lesbianas por opción”’ (‘Ayuquelén Collective: “We are lesbians by choice”’) article by Milena Vodanovic (Jun 1987).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/21 · File · 1982-1994
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Press cuttings labelled ‘Pride 1993 press – non accessed press cuttings’. Includes: National Lesbian & Gay Workers’ Group membership form (n.d.); and cuttings and photocopies from the Guardian and London Lesbian magazine.

Also contains conference papers, publications and journalistic essays, including: ‘Patriarchal Ideology and Agony Columns’ by Mary Louise Ho (British Sociological Association Conference,1982); Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement newsletter (Autumn 1994); ‘The Politics of Sexual Harassment’ essay, from Off Our Backs (May 1982); ‘Some problems in talking about men’ by Clive Pearson, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘‘Why men oppress women’, or how experiences of sexism can tell us interesting and useful things about women’s oppression and women’s liberation’ by Liz Stanley, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘Mill Life and ‘Peculiar Duties: The lives of women and girls in a nineteenth-century Essex silk town’ by Judy Lown, University of Essex (n.d. [1982]); ‘Economism and Feminism Hidden in the Household: A Comment on the Domestic Labour Debate’ by Angela Miles, St Francis Xavier University (n.d. [1982]); Greenwich Lesbian & Gay Centre newsletter (Oct 1986); Capital Gay 653 (15 Jul 1994); Camden New Journal 450 (3 Oct 1991).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/22 · File · c.1983-1990
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Material relating to women, lesbians and gay men with disabilities and disability rights activism.

Includes: GEMMA Disabled Gays Guide (1983/4); Lambeth Women’s Rights Committee ‘Women with Disabilities Information Booklet’ (Sept 1985); ‘A Right to Equality: A London charter for people with disabilities’ by Greater London Council (n.d.); information leaflet for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied (PHAB; n.d.); information booklet for Resource Team: for people with learning difficulties (n.d.); Sensory Visionaid newsletter (Summer 1990); ‘Access for Disabled People: Design Guidance Notes for Developers’ by Access Committee for England ([1985]); press release for Navigator Braille seminar (n.d.).

Feminist essays and reports
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/23 · File · 1982-1992
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Literature relating to women’s campaigns, national and global solidarity movements, and social justice campaigns.

Includes: essay entitled ‘Class’ by Linda Bellos, from Revolutionary & Radical Feminists (Leeds) newsletter (Summer 1989); ‘Self Twice-Removed: Ugandan Woman’ CHANGE International report by Grace Akello (1982); ‘For Richer – For Poorer?’ report on conference on Child Support Act (1992); ‘Black Women’s Struggle for Equality’ essay (1980) by Willie Mae Reid x 2; ‘Justice Denied: A Nation Resists’ pamphlet by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (1991); ‘A State of Siege: Policing the Coalfields in the First Six Weeks of the Miners’ Strike’ report by Susan Miller & Martin Walker for the National Union of Miners Yorkshire branch (1984); and ‘Minus Lives: Women of Bangladesh’ CHANGE International report by Naila Kabeer (1983).

London women's resources
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/24 · File · 1983-1995
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Resources relating to London-based women's groups, including newsletters, reviews, publications.

Includes: London Women’s Network Against Male Violence newsletter (Jul 1988); review of CLCBLG (Sept 1990); ‘Different Lives – Same Rights’ order form for video on disability equality (n.d.); Greater London Council Women’s Committee bulletin (Nov/Dec 1983); Women’s Centre Sutton 10th anniversary event pack; Hackney Women’s Directory (1995/6); Women’s Centre Sutton newsletter (Christmas 1995).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/25 · File · 1971-1993
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Artistic and creative material including creative writing publications, resource guides, catalogues, fanzines, and further women’s publications.

Includes: rainbow snake poetry volume by the Center for Women’s Studies and Services (1971); Shocking Pink! magazine (1992); ‘Sparkles: Poems, Stories and Articles by the women of GEMMA’ x 2 (n.d.); The Women’s Press book catalogue (Aug 1993-Jan 1994); Feminists Against Sexual Terror (FAST; Sept 1983); Outwrite magazine (issue 47; 1986); transcript of a conversation between Lisa (age 11), Susan (her mother, a lesbian) and other lesbians re Lisa’s experience as a child of a lesbian mother (Mar 1977); Outwrite magazine (issue 578; May 1987); Revolutionary Radical Feminist newsletter 16 (1986); Powerful Images: A Women’s Guide to Audiovisual Resources by Isis International (1986).

Research reports on women
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/27 · File · 1986
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Research reports, including: Market & Opinion Research International ‘Women in London’ research report for Greater London Council (GLC) Women’s Committee Support Unit (Jan 1986); summary of report, written by Tim Burns & Sarah Matthews (Feb 1986); Market & Opinion Research International ‘Women in London’ research report for GLC Women’s Committee (1986).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/28 · File · c.1970s
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Feminist zines and publications (CLCBLG office copies).

Includes: ‘The Ancient Religion of the Great Cosmic Mother of All’ zine by Monica Sjoo (Dec 1975); ‘PENT-UP’ zine by the members of Southampton Women’s Liberation (n.d. [1970s?]); ‘Moonstorm’ lesbian feminist zine 3.1 (Spring 1976); ‘The Myth of Motherhood’ Spokesman pamphlet by Lee Comer (1971); ‘Red Notes’ magazine (n.d. [c.1970s]); Big Flame Women’s Group magazine (n.d. [c.1970s]); ‘Enough’ literary journal by Bristol Women’s Liberation Group (n.d. [c.1970s]); Whirlwind anarcha-feminist magazine 1.1 (n.d. [c.1970s]).