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Golden Starlet: Single Issue

No date. England. A5 booklet with pink cover, drawing of a woman lying on a bed. Subject matter: Comic, Violence, Music, Humour, Consumerism.

C. E. Haigh


  1. Wales. A4 colour booklet, with drawing/painting of a woman with long brown hair on the front cover. Subject matter: Art, Women, Welsh culture, Poetry, Caroline Duffy.

Heavy Flow: Issue 1

  1. Edinburgh. A5 booklet, black and white with red accents. Front cover: panel from a Julie Doucet comic strip. Subject matter: Menstruation, Feminism, Comic, Julie Doucet, PMT, Poetry, History.


Heavy Girl (Single Issue)

  1. Toronto. A4 booklet with bright pink cover. Front cover: drawing of a woman lying down, with the title covering her. Subject matter: Body shape, Weight, LGBT, Diary, Comics, Poetry, Sex.

Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur: Issue 1

July 2012. Glasgow. Sponsored by Glasgow Women's Library and LGBT Youth Scotland's Rainbow Sisters. A5 booklet, with colour and black and white. Front cover: image of hens. Subject matter: queer, feminism, lgbt, personal, poetry, art, comics, drawing.

Hip Kitty: Issue 2

  1. Washington-Glasgow. A5 booklet with black and white content. Subject matter: Diary, personal, relationships, home.

how I learned to do IT bloody murder (Single Issue)

  1. A5 booklet with red cover. Art, fiction. “this is my first book”
    “P.S if you review this in yer zine and say it's all about sexual abuse or rape or something equally lame and wrong, I will punch you ...”
    (there are quite graphic descriptions of sex that I would describe as rape ), mental health, psychiatric hospitals.

Heather Lynn

i am, i am, I AM: Single Issue

  1. United Kingdom. A5 photocopied booklet, black and white. Front cover: head of a woman smoking a cigarette. A zine about coping with depression.

Polly Richards

In Doctrine Nation: Single Issue

  1. NYC-based. A5 booklet with colour, black and white, and a mixture of drawings, hand-lettering, cartoons. Front cover: very colourful drawing of a six-breasted figure against a blue backdrop. Subject matter: personal, diary, relationship


International Strike Force: Single Issue

  1. United Kingdom. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: Anime-style images of females against a black and white patterned backdrop. Subject matter: football, music, interviews, opinions.
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