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GB 1534 CLCBLG/3/5 · File · 1977 - 2001
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Black and Asian women’s publications, essays, academic work, info resources, reports, journalistic articles.

Includes: Afro-Caribbean Educational Project open day programme (2 Aug 1986); “We Carry a Heavy Load”: Rural women in Zimbabwe speak out report by Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau (Dec 1981); Second International Book Fair of Radical Black and 3rd World Books brochure (1983); Sistren Theatre Collective pamphlet (1986) and Sistren Song: Popular Theatre in Jamaica publication by Helen Allison of War on Want (Oct 1986); Of Conjuring and Caring: Women in Development report by CHANGE International Reports (n.d.); Women in Asia report 45 by Minority Rights Group (1982); copy of ‘Black Women in White Women’s Organizations: Ethnic Differentiation & Problems of Racism in the Netherlands’ by Philomena Essed, New Feminist Research 18.4 (1989); copies of articles about Black gay men from Washington Blade (1989) and Outlines (1990); New Internationalist (Jul, Aug 2001); Women in Struggle pub (c.1978/9?); melanex of copied articles from various feminist & academic pubs including Spare Rib, Lesbian Ethics etc; copy of Ethel Sawyer’s Masters dissertation, ‘A Study of a Public Lesbian Community’ (Sept 1965; Washington University).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/3/6 · File · 1971 - 1996
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Women’s health publications, essays, and conference materials, with a focus on Black and Scottish women’s healthcare.

Includes: Perceived Health Needs of Black and Ethnic Minority Women report (Nov 1994); Black & Ethnic Minority Women’s Health Sub Group research report (1996); Black and Ethnic Minority Women’s Health Conference programmes (Glasgow, 1995); report on menstrual extraction by Lorraine Rothman (n.d.); 14th annual National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference programme (Jul 1992); Feminist Women’s Health Centre bulletins (c.1971-1977). Some records bear Glasgow Lesbian Line stickers.

Black women's publications
GB 1534 CLCBLG/3/7 · File · 1980 - 1989
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Literature and publications relating to Black women and Black lesbians.

Includes: All Faiths for One Race (AFFOR) occasional paper ‘On Racism & Sexism’ by Alison Sealey (May 1982); sleeve of articles copied from publications inc New York Native, 7 Sisters Girls Work magazine, ONYX (Black Lesbians Only), Funky Black Lesbians journal etc (c.1980s; includes list of publications); letter and minutes from Black and Ethnic Minority Working Group, Camden Women’s Committee meeting (Jan 1985); The Voice article on Black British women’s artistic contributions (6 Mar 1980); copy of article from Spare Rib Black Women’s special issue (Oct 1983); two magazine pages featuring images of Barbara Burford and J. Casselberry & Jaqué DuPreé; ‘We have Always Been Here’, report by Linda King, Black worker at the Lesbian Archive and Information Centre (Jun 1989); Big Apple Dyke News pub (Mar 1981).

off our backs
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/14 · File · 1995-1997
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Issues of off our backs (Apr 1995, May 1995, Jun 1995, Jul 1995, Aug/Sept 1995, Oct 1995, Nov 1995, Jan 1996, Mar 1996, Apr 1996, May 1996, Jun 1996, Jul 1996, Aug/Sept 1996, Oct 1996, Nov 1996, Dec 1996, Jan 1997, Feb 1997, Mar 1997, Apr 1997, May 1997, June 1997).

off our backs
GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/21 · File · 1982-1994
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Press cuttings labelled ‘Pride 1993 press – non accessed press cuttings’. Includes: National Lesbian & Gay Workers’ Group membership form (n.d.); and cuttings and photocopies from the Guardian and London Lesbian magazine.

Also contains conference papers, publications and journalistic essays, including: ‘Patriarchal Ideology and Agony Columns’ by Mary Louise Ho (British Sociological Association Conference,1982); Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement newsletter (Autumn 1994); ‘The Politics of Sexual Harassment’ essay, from Off Our Backs (May 1982); ‘Some problems in talking about men’ by Clive Pearson, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘‘Why men oppress women’, or how experiences of sexism can tell us interesting and useful things about women’s oppression and women’s liberation’ by Liz Stanley, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘Mill Life and ‘Peculiar Duties: The lives of women and girls in a nineteenth-century Essex silk town’ by Judy Lown, University of Essex (n.d. [1982]); ‘Economism and Feminism Hidden in the Household: A Comment on the Domestic Labour Debate’ by Angela Miles, St Francis Xavier University (n.d. [1982]); Greenwich Lesbian & Gay Centre newsletter (Oct 1986); Capital Gay 653 (15 Jul 1994); Camden New Journal 450 (3 Oct 1991).

GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/34 · File · c.1980s
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Assorted press cuttings relating to LGBT+ experiences & issues, including some homophobic and transphobic media coverage of LGBT lives.

Titles include: The Times; The Sun; Daily Star; News of the World; Guardian; Times Literary Supplement; City Limits; Capital Gay, and many others.

Grant funding cuts to CLCBLG
GB 1534 CLCBLG/1/83 · File · 1988-1993
Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

Records relating to cuts in grant aid for CLCBLG.

Includes: CLCBLG AGM meeting minutes; records relating to proposed grant aid cuts for financial year 1993/94 (recommendations for grant aid and proposed budget for women’s centres from Camden Council Grants Committee, CLCBLG response to proposal, letters of support from other groups and organisations including London Friend, Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Camden Lesbian Workers’ Group, Zamimass Planning Committee, GEMMA, London Irish Women’s Centre, DAHLING); correspondence from Camden Corporate Services dept; and campaign updates from another local campaign against cuts to charity sector.
Notes relating to cuts in Grant Aid (1988)- AGM meeting minutes, 1993/94 Guidelines for grant aid to Women’s Centres and recommendations for CLCBLG aid, CLCBLG response to reduced 1993/94 grant aid, letters of support from other organisations and individuals (including London Friend, Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Camden Lesbian Workers Group, Zamimass Planning Committee, GEMMA, London Irish Women’s Centre), Camden Corporate Services grant correspondence, campaign updates.