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External review of CLCBLG

Material relating to Camden Council-contracted consultant’s 1990 report and proposed restructuring of the CLCBLG.

Includes: draft review of CLCBLG; correspondence (including responses from GEMMA, Black Lesbian & Gay Centre and other affiliates; questionnaires for Centre users; and meeting minutes; regarding the proposed restructuring of the CLCBLG following an external review.

Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group

Feminist and lesbian feminist creative writing

Artistic and creative material including creative writing publications, resource guides, catalogues, fanzines, and further women’s publications.

Includes: rainbow snake poetry volume by the Center for Women’s Studies and Services (1971); Shocking Pink! magazine (1992); ‘Sparkles: Poems, Stories and Articles by the women of GEMMA’ x 2 (n.d.); The Women’s Press book catalogue (Aug 1993-Jan 1994); Feminists Against Sexual Terror (FAST; Sept 1983); Outwrite magazine (issue 47; 1986); transcript of a conversation between Lisa (age 11), Susan (her mother, a lesbian) and other lesbians re Lisa’s experience as a child of a lesbian mother (Mar 1977); Outwrite magazine (issue 578; May 1987); Revolutionary Radical Feminist newsletter 16 (1986); Powerful Images: A Women’s Guide to Audiovisual Resources by Isis International (1986).

Grant funding cuts to CLCBLG

Records relating to cuts in grant aid for CLCBLG.

Includes: CLCBLG AGM meeting minutes; records relating to proposed grant aid cuts for financial year 1993/94 (recommendations for grant aid and proposed budget for women’s centres from Camden Council Grants Committee, CLCBLG response to proposal, letters of support from other groups and organisations including London Friend, Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Camden Lesbian Workers’ Group, Zamimass Planning Committee, GEMMA, London Irish Women’s Centre, DAHLING); correspondence from Camden Corporate Services dept; and campaign updates from another local campaign against cuts to charity sector.
Notes relating to cuts in Grant Aid (1988)- AGM meeting minutes, 1993/94 Guidelines for grant aid to Women’s Centres and recommendations for CLCBLG aid, CLCBLG response to reduced 1993/94 grant aid, letters of support from other organisations and individuals (including London Friend, Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Camden Lesbian Workers Group, Zamimass Planning Committee, GEMMA, London Irish Women’s Centre), Camden Corporate Services grant correspondence, campaign updates.

Lesbian disability rights groups

Newsletters and publications from lesbian disability organisations and groups.

Newsletters/publications from: US-based group Dykes, Disability and Stuff (Summer 1988, Fall 1988, Winter1988/89, Spring 1989, Summer 1989, Late Fall 1988/89, Spring 1990, [Summer 1990], [Fall 1990], [Spring 1991], [Summer 1991]); Regard Writes on Rights: The Quarterly Magazine of Disabled Lesbian and Gay Issues (Summer 1994); GEMMA (Feb 1987, May 1987, Aug 1987, Nov 1987, Feb 1988, May 1988, June 1996, Mar 1997).

LGBTQ disability rights activism

Material relating to women, lesbians and gay men with disabilities and disability rights activism.

Includes: GEMMA Disabled Gays Guide (1983/4); Lambeth Women’s Rights Committee ‘Women with Disabilities Information Booklet’ (Sept 1985); ‘A Right to Equality: A London charter for people with disabilities’ by Greater London Council (n.d.); information leaflet for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied (PHAB; n.d.); information booklet for Resource Team: for people with learning difficulties (n.d.); Sensory Visionaid newsletter (Summer 1990); ‘Access for Disabled People: Design Guidance Notes for Developers’ by Access Committee for England ([1985]); press release for Navigator Braille seminar (n.d.).

Older lesbians

Material relating to older lesbians.

Includes: ‘Older Women Talking – Getting together to discuss issues affecting your lives’ (20 Nov 1986); ‘Old Lesbians: Out and Proud’, Social Work Today magazine (4 May 1989); report from London Older Lesbians’ Conference (24 Mar 1984), Older Lesbian Network newsletters (Apr 1991, Oct 1991, Jan/Feb 1992, Feb 1992, Mar/Apr 1992, Apr/May 1992, Oct 1993, Nov 1993); Camden Council Women’s Committee, CLCBLG newsletters (incomplete run; various issues c.1988-1991); GEMMA newsletter (Jun 1995), ‘Speaking Out: Herstory of an Old Lesbian’ article (no source; n.d.); list of organisations for lesbians and gay men in Camden, London and nationwide (n.d.).

Premises - Accessibility

Material relating to making Phoenix Road premises accessible for lesbians with disabilities.

Includes: correspondence between CLCBLG, GEMMA, the Centre on Environment for the Handicapped; access codes for other venues including the Feminist Library, Hampden Community Centre, West Hampstead Women’s Centre and others; and returned Sisters Against Disablement access questionnaires sent to organisations [by CLCBLG?].