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Archival description
GB 1534 WIP/5/1/3/1 · Item · 1989 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

In 1988 the Government launched an initiative called "New Life for Urban Scotland", which set up special Partnership Groups in 4 areas of Scotland, Castlemilk being one of them. This record provides a Community Response to the proposed Partnership as well as a Draft strategy for what the community felt "was needed to bring new life to Castlemilk".

A Womanhouse Project Booklet
GB 1534 WIP/5/2/3/3 · Item · 1990 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

This booklet was created by Annie Lovejoy. Lovejoy was an artist who contribted to the CMW project through her "A Sense of Purpose" installation in the tenement's kitchen, a project centred on the "endless cycle" of kitchen duties, and her "A Room of My Own" installation. The booklet includes details of Lovejoy's residency, details of her ideas for her installations and details of her proposed workshop. The date of creation of the booklet is unknown, however, much of its content relates to events that took place in the year 1990.

Article about The Big Flit
GB 1534 WIP/5/4/1/4 · Item · 1991
Part of Women in Profile

This is an article from the Evening Times. It describes the Big Flit as “a collection of reminiscences recorded by Castlemilk People’s History Group, which is organised by the Workers Educational Association”.

Artists Newsletter
GB 1534 WIP/5/2/1/10 · Item · 1990 - ?
Part of Women in Profile

This newsletter contains an advert on WIP artists' workshops and residencies on pg.40.

Arts Class Leaflet
GB 1534 WIP/5/4/1/7 · Item · 1990
Part of Women in Profile

This leaflet advertises an arts class that is taking place in Tormusk Tenants Hall, Castlemilk. It details that it is open to adults and children.