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100%: Issue 1
GB 1534 ZN/100/01/01 · Item · 1996
Part of Zine Collection

Zine containing music reviews, interviews, discussion of Belle and Sebastian, Bikini Kill, Kill Rock Stars, porn, comics.

GB 1534 ZN/N/03/zines/N/3/1 · Item · 2015
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Scotland. A5 booklet, black and white. Front cover: image of a black and white train on a white background. Subject matter: A trip through the night on board the sleeper train to eating disorder recovery.
A Visitor in Myself: Issue 3
GB 1534 ZN/V/05/zines/V/5/1 · Item · 2014
Part of Zine Collection

Winter 2014. United States. A6 booklet, black and white, print, imagery. Front cover: photograph of a town, with title drawn over the top. Subject matter: friendship, love and following through.

GB 1534 ZN/A/13/01 · Item · 1997
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Glasgow. A5 booklet with brown cover. Contents: black and white wordless comic.
Derek Gray
Amp Minizine: Issue 10
GB 1534 ZN/A/05/02 · Item · 2000
Part of Zine Collection

Issue 10/10. Pink cover with photocopied hand on front, and the headline "Girsl Rock Out". Tagline: Style for the Challenged.

Aquamarine: Issue 11
GB 1534 ZN/A/08/02 · Item · 1996
Part of Zine Collection

Issue 11. Music reviews and interviews, including Grapefruit, JM Tapes. Pink cover with scenic landscape photo in black and white.

GB 1534 ZN/B/02/zines/B/2/1 · Item · 2013
Part of Zine Collection
  1. Portland, Oregon. Use of photography as imagery, short personal stories with one-word titles such as ‘Accident’ or ‘Broken’. Reflective on things that have happened in the author’s life, including the mundane. A5, muted colours.
Joshua James Amberson