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            Gay and Lesbian Rights

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              GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/21 · File · 1982-1994
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Press cuttings labelled ‘Pride 1993 press – non accessed press cuttings’. Includes: National Lesbian & Gay Workers’ Group membership form (n.d.); and cuttings and photocopies from the Guardian and London Lesbian magazine.

              Also contains conference papers, publications and journalistic essays, including: ‘Patriarchal Ideology and Agony Columns’ by Mary Louise Ho (British Sociological Association Conference,1982); Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement newsletter (Autumn 1994); ‘The Politics of Sexual Harassment’ essay, from Off Our Backs (May 1982); ‘Some problems in talking about men’ by Clive Pearson, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘‘Why men oppress women’, or how experiences of sexism can tell us interesting and useful things about women’s oppression and women’s liberation’ by Liz Stanley, University of Manchester (BSA Conference 1982); ‘Mill Life and ‘Peculiar Duties: The lives of women and girls in a nineteenth-century Essex silk town’ by Judy Lown, University of Essex (n.d. [1982]); ‘Economism and Feminism Hidden in the Household: A Comment on the Domestic Labour Debate’ by Angela Miles, St Francis Xavier University (n.d. [1982]); Greenwich Lesbian & Gay Centre newsletter (Oct 1986); Capital Gay 653 (15 Jul 1994); Camden New Journal 450 (3 Oct 1991).

              GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/22 · File · c.1983-1990
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Material relating to women, lesbians and gay men with disabilities and disability rights activism.

              Includes: GEMMA Disabled Gays Guide (1983/4); Lambeth Women’s Rights Committee ‘Women with Disabilities Information Booklet’ (Sept 1985); ‘A Right to Equality: A London charter for people with disabilities’ by Greater London Council (n.d.); information leaflet for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied (PHAB; n.d.); information booklet for Resource Team: for people with learning difficulties (n.d.); Sensory Visionaid newsletter (Summer 1990); ‘Access for Disabled People: Design Guidance Notes for Developers’ by Access Committee for England ([1985]); press release for Navigator Braille seminar (n.d.).

              GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/18 · File · c.1984-1989
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Press cuttings from various issues of Capital Gay magazine, covering many facets of LGBTQ+ cultural and social life in London and the UK, including Pride marches, protests & demonstrations, the debate around S&M and fetish gear, employment, housing and homelessness, HIV/AIDS, Section 28, politics, and related issues & events.

              Capital Gay
              Older lesbians
              GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/8 · File · 1984-1995
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Material relating to older lesbians.

              Includes: ‘Older Women Talking – Getting together to discuss issues affecting your lives’ (20 Nov 1986); ‘Old Lesbians: Out and Proud’, Social Work Today magazine (4 May 1989); report from London Older Lesbians’ Conference (24 Mar 1984), Older Lesbian Network newsletters (Apr 1991, Oct 1991, Jan/Feb 1992, Feb 1992, Mar/Apr 1992, Apr/May 1992, Oct 1993, Nov 1993); Camden Council Women’s Committee, CLCBLG newsletters (incomplete run; various issues c.1988-1991); GEMMA newsletter (Jun 1995), ‘Speaking Out: Herstory of an Old Lesbian’ article (no source; n.d.); list of organisations for lesbians and gay men in Camden, London and nationwide (n.d.).

              Lesbian feminist resources
              GB 1534 CLCBLG/6/35 · File · 1985-1994
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Resources and literature relating to lesbian women, including group publications, magazines, advice guides, photographs.

              Includes: Envelope of photographs labelled ‘Work of Deptford Dykes’ (c.1988-1990); ‘A Hard-Hit Community’ report by Savitri Hensman for the London Lesbian and Gay Voluntary Sector Network (1989); ‘With Our Hands’ essay about domestic violence in lesbian relationship by Ellen Bell, from Trouble & Strife 16 (Summer 1989); Shebang 8 (Feb 1994); ‘Police Raids: A briefing paper’ by Lesbians & Policing Project (LESPOP); Lesbian & Gay Employment Rights (LAGER) newsletter (Autumn 1991); Lesbian Employment Rights newsletters (1987-1990; not a complete run); Older Lesbian Network newsletter (c.1980s, 1994); LESPOP bulletins 1 & 2 (Sept 1985, Dec 1985); LESPOP solicitors surveys assessing needs and preexisting legal resources of women’s & community advice centres; ‘Quiet Storm & Other Reports’ journal from International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS; c.1992); Stepping Out of Line: A Workbook on Lesbianism and Feminism by Nym Hughes, Yvonne Johnson & Yvette Perault (Press Gang, 1984).

              Audio cassettes
              GB 1534 CLCBLG/8/29 · File · 1985-1998
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Audio cassettes:
              Tackling Heterosexism: A Handbook of Lesbian Rights & GLC Women’s Committee (tapes 1 & 2; n.d.); LA Anti-Discrimination Code of Practice (n.d.); Borough Action News No. 3 (tape 1; Jan 1987); Radar/Mind 1986 Disabled Persons Act & Handbook of Voluntary Organisations (c.1986); Disabled Persons (Services, Consultation and Representation) 1986 Chapter 33 (c.1986); Women and Public Transport (n.d.); Haringey Disabilities Committee (June 1987); Education Matters (re Clause 28 & News of Lords Debate; n.d.); CLCBLG minutes of Management Committee meeting & agenda (Nov & Dec 1991); International Women’s Week exhibition (7 Mar 1991); Hackney: Staying Out (May 1988); Disability Sub Group (13 Jul 1987); ITOI Guidelines for Advocacy in Mental Handicapped Hospitals (n.d.); Borough Action News No.3 (tape 2; Jan 1987); GLC- Equal Opportunities Code of Practice (tape 2; n.d.); Women & Transport Conference (Oct 1985); LLGRC Conference info (n.d.); How to Make Ink Print Available to Blind & Partially Sighted People booklet (n.d.); Tackling Heterosexism (tape 3; n.d.); Lesbian Strength & Pride (1989); Disability sub group & access code to unit (9 Mar 1987); Minutes of Lesbians & Gays with Disabilities subgroup (13 May 1987); Harassment of lesbians and gays: how to challenge it in GLC (n.d.); Disability subgroup (14 Sept 1987); Disability subgroup mailing original (13 Aug 1986); Progress Report Disabilities GLC (tape 2; n.d.); L&G Sub Committee (1 Oct 1986); L&G with Disabilities Further Action (n.d.); Gay Men’s Sub-Group Disability sub group (9 Jan 1987 & 21 Jan 1987); Disability sub group minutes & access code to Lesbian & Gay Unit (9 Mar 1987); GLC Move Together (tapes 1 & 2; n.d.); GLC Women’s Bulletin Carematch (tape 3; n.d.); GLC Women’s Committee Knowing the Difference (tape 3; n.d.); Changing the World (tapes 1-3, multiple copies; n.d.); Changing the World Recommendations Gay/Lesbian GPS (n.d.); Section 28: A Guide for School, Teachers, Governors etc. (tapes 1 & 2; n.d.); Lesbian and Gay Sub-Committee (tape 3: agenda No.11-16; 16 Dec 1986); Making Connections PWD & PW AIDS (n.d.); Lesbian and Gay Sub-Committee (tape 4, agenda no.16 & appendix; 16 Dec1986); Haringey Lesbian Strength and Gay Pride Programme (1987); Haringey Strategy Statement on Racial Equality (n.d.); North London S&P Programme (1988); Local Government Bill mailing (n.d.); GLC Women’s Bulletin (tape 1; n.d.); Women & Disabilities (tape 1; Jan 1986); Women’s Committee Support Unit & draft of booklet on lesbian experience (n.d.); Access at conferences & meeting for people with disabilities (tapes 1 & 2; n.d.); North London Lesbian Strength and Unity; Materiography parts 1/2 & 3/4 (LRB 11; n.d.); Radio 5 Out This Week (25 Jan 1998); Women’s Airwaves (n.d.); Reformation- Chadwick (Part III, pp. 363-386); To Kirsten Hearne from CLCBLG (n.d.); Mistress tape reply to tape letters of enquiry from individual women to LISG (n.d.); Kirsten Hearne (from CLCBLG) concerning training (n.d.); Minutes of CLCBLG Management Committee & meeting agenda (Dec 1991 & Jan 1992); Letter to CLCBLG Management Committee members re non-attendance (Feb 1992); OLGA Prospectus (n.d.); Greater London Council Computer Information Pack for PWD (n.d.); Unite Bulletin no.1 COH Newsletter (May/June) & Guidelines for Sub-Group Co-operation (n.d.); GLC Women’s Committee Ailsa Beckett article contd (n.d.).

              Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group
              GB 1534 CLCBLG/1/61 · File · 1985-1995
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Incoming correspondence and event-related material for CLCBLG. Includes: master copy of ‘Lesbians Battleaxe Homophobia!’ event flyer and access code (n.d. [c.1985]); letter and notes re CLCBLG user/visitor consultation by Voluntary Action Camden (May 1995); invitation to CLCBLG to co-organise lesbian cultural event in Haringey (27 Nov 1987); information sheet for Southwark Lesbian & Gay Black Caucus (n.d. [c.1990?]); correspondence from SIA Amsterdam, arranging visit to CLCBLG (1989); and minutes of a LAHMA meeting (20 Sept 1989).

              GB 1534 CLCBLG/2/7 · File · 1986 - 1994
              Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

              Material relating to local women’s and lesbian & gay services.

              Includes: Hackney Council Women’s Unit newsletter (Mar 1994); CLCBLG information pack (inc. membership application form and events calendar for 1991/2); Lesbian Archive & Information Centre press release re loss of funding (1991); CLCBLG annual report for 1985/6; Black Lesbian and Gay Centre newsletter (Jun/Jul 1993).

              Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group