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EA · Corporate body

Kilmarnock & Louden Women's Aid and Cumnock & Doon Women's Aid merged together to form East Ayrshire Women's Aid.

ED · Corporate body · 1982 -

Strathkelvin Women’s Aid began in Spring 1982 as a women’s discussion group, after an advert was placed in Spare Rib in February of 1982. After a few meetings the group decided to concentrate on providing a service for victims of domestic violence and became affiliated with Scottish Women’s aid in August 1982.

In March 1996, the group changed their name to East Dunbartonshire Women's Aid, to reflect the reorganisation of the local government and the demise of the Strathkelvin District and a new Refuge was built by Cairn Housing Association in 1997. The National Lottery Charities Board gave a grant to furnish the new Refuge.

East Kilbride Women's Aid
EK · Corporate body · 1983 - 2011

East Kilbride Women's Aid was established in 1983 and joined the Scottish Women's Aid national network in 1984. The group had a small office space by 1985 and opened their first refuge in 1986. They operated solely with unpaid workers until the group was able to hire their first full-time staff member in 1997, with two-part time staff joining the following year.

East Kilbride Women's Aid and Hamilton Women's Aid merged together to form Women's Aid South Lanarkshire in 2011, before taking on the East Renfrewshire remit and becoming Women's Aid South Lanarkshire & East Renfrewshire (WASLER) in 2014.

Edinburgh Women's Aid
EN · Corporate body · 1973 -

Edinburgh Women's Aid was established in 1973 and was the first Women's Aid group in Scotland.

FH/1 · Corporate body · 1983 - ?

Fourwalls Housing Co-operative was a housing co-operative operating in Glasgow. It was created in order to allow single women to live in better accommodations through mutual ownership. It aimed to help single mothers and women without children, women who were homeless, whether due to unemployment or personal difficulties, and supply housing that women could independently control instead of relying on the council or landlords. They were particularly interested in ensuring buildings were energy-efficient and accessible to people with disabilities. Furthermore, they had an interest in preserving buildings of historical or architectural interest. Fourwalls Co-op was registered in 1978, but had become dormant until being offered for the women’s co-operative. The first open meeting was held in July 1983. In 1987 they were offered 33-37 Carnarvon Street by Woodlands Trust. They worked with Thenew Housing Association from 1986 onwards for professional advice and assistance. A founding member, Dianne Barry, admitted a lot of their more innovative ideas had to be scrapped, such as solar panels. The housing co-operative was still operating in 1999, housing 19 women. The company is currently listed as closed.

Fife Women's Aid
FI · Corporate body · 1975 -

Fife Women's Aid was established on October 1, 2010 when Dunfermline Women's Aid (est. 1975), Kirkcaldy Women's Aid (est. 1976), and East Fife Women's Aid (est. 1996 in St. Andrews) merged together.

GB 1534 · Person · 1926-1998

Jackie Forster (née Jacqueline Moir Mackenzie; 6 November 1926 – 10 October 1998) was an English lesbian activist, journalist and actress and a prominent figure within the feminist movement. She was a pioneer who helped set up Sappho magazine, that reached out to many isolated lesbian women for over ten years. After Sappho disbanded in 1984, Jackie helped set up the Lesbian Archive and Information Centre (LAIC). It became a unique resource of cataloguing and recording the history of lesbians, specifically within the United Kingdom but includes material from across the world. LAIC’s funds were heavily cut in 1995 and LAIC was moved to Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL). Jackie remained involved in the administration of LAIC until her death in 1998.