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Take Root

  • TR
  • Corporate body
  • 1993 - 2000s

Take Root was a self-build group which existed from 1993 to the early 2000s. It was formed from staff from the Glasgow Women’s Library and aimed to provide women on low income, and in need of housing, the opportunity to build their own homes. It followed the work of Walter Seagal, the architect who pioneered easy-to-build, cheap houses with timber frames.

Stirling Women's Aid

  • ST
  • Corporate body
  • 1977 -

Stirling Women's Aid began at a meeting held on 26th January 1977 at the Cowane Centre by Central Region Women's Aid (CRWA) and Scottish Women's Aid. CRWA, which began in 1975, had already established groups in Clackmannanshire and Falkirk prior to seeking to form a group in Stirling to help with the demand for refuge accommodation in the area. By April 20th 1977, the twenty initial women involved in the group had opened their first refuge. Along with Clackmannanshire and Falkirk, the three groups wrote the Central Region Women's Aid newsletter together.

Shakti Women's Aid

  • SA
  • Corporate body
  • 1986 -

Shakti Women’s Aid is an organisation based in Edinburgh, working since 1986 to offer support, advocacy and information to all black / minority ethnic women, children and young people experiencing and/or fleeing domestic abuse from partners, husbands, and family members.

Dobash, Rebecca Emerson

  • RED
  • Person

Rebecca Dobash is an American scholar whose main area of research is violence and the policies and interventions around it. She completed her PhD at the University of Washington, and has held positions at the University of Stirling, University of Cardiff, and the University of Manchester, where she is a Professor of Social Research in the School of Law.

Along with her husband, Russell Dobash, she has published eight books and over 100 journal articles and chapters on intimate partner violence. 'Violence Against Wives' (1979) was particularly influential to the Women's Aid movement in Scotland.

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