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Marion Boyars Publishers LTD, Publishers, 1975-

  • GB 1534 RM2
  • Corporate body
  • 1975-

Marion Boyars Publishers is an independent publishing company located in London, England renowned for publishing adventurous and occasionally controversial fiction and nonfiction especially in translation within the humanities and social sciences.
Marion Boyars Publishers was formed in 1975, but had previously been formed in the sixties under the name Calder and Boyers being run jointly with John Calder. When Marion Boyars died in 1999, her daughter Catheryn Kilgarriff took over and currently is managing director of the company.

Jonathan Cape LTD, Publishers, 1921-

  • GB 1534 RM4
  • Corporate body
  • 1921 -

Jonathan Cape is a London publishing firm founded in 1921 by Herbert Jonathan Cape and his business partner Wren Howard. The firm established a reputation for high quality design, production winning more Booker Prizes and short listings than any other publishers. After Cape’s death in 1960 the firm later merged with three other London publishing houses and in 1987 was taken over by Random House.

International Woman Suffrage Alliance

  • GB/NNAF/C44976
  • Corporate body
  • 1902

The Alliance began in 1902 in Washington, United States of America when a group of leading suffragists from 11 countries met and decided to form an organisation. This organisation was envisaged as a central bureau to collect, exchange and disseminate information on suffrage work internationally. The IWSA was constituted in Berlin in 1904; its periodical, Jus Suffragii, began in 1906, and the Alliance met regularly until the outbreak of war in 1914. The group continued its operations throughout the First World War, and by the end of 1920 the IWSA had affiliated societies in 30 countries throughout the world, with its headquarters in London.

International Planned Parent Federation

  • GB 1543
  • Corporate body
  • 1952 -

The International Planned Parent Federation (IPPF) was established in 1952 at the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Bombay, India.

Significant founders include Margaret Sanger (America), Elise Ottesen-Jensen (Sweden) and Dhanvanthi Rama Rau (India), who all campaigned for all women to have the right to control their fertility - all three were imprisoned for these beliefs.

Eight national organizations formed the federation, which were made up of associations from Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and West Germany.

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