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National Federation of Women Workers

  • Corporate body
  • 1906-1921

The National Federation of Women Workers (NFWW) was formed in 1906 by Mary Macarthur. It campaigned to expose the evils of the sweated trades and played a major role in the passing of the 1909 Trade Boards Act that set minimum wages in the most exploitative trades, which were usually predominantly made up of women workers. The NFWW saw strikes as the chief way of unionising workers and did so more than any other organisation. By 1914, its membership had risen to 20,000 but its leaders had never intended it to remain a women’s only union so it merged with the national Union of General Workers (now the GMB) in 1921.

Monklands Women's Aid

  • MN
  • Corporate body
  • 1979 -

Airdrie Women's Aid was established in 1979 after a need for safe places for women who had experienced domestic abuse was identified by social workers. A public meeting was held in June 1979 where women with experience of abuse and violence, along with members from local groups including Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Councils, Inner Wheel, Ladies Circle, local churches, and other voluntary organisations, discussed setting up a local women's aid group. A steering group was formed from this meeting and the group began undertaking training as well as providing educational programming throughout the community. The group opened their first refuge in 1981.

In October 1983, Airdrie Women's Aid was granted office space and they opened the Advice and Information Service in The Resource Centre, Anderson Street, Airdrie. A second office was opened in Coatbridge in 1990 but the group had trouble finding a suitable location for a second refuge until they met with Vera Weisfeld, who owned the retail chain, What Every Woman Wants. She purchased a house for Airdrie Women's Aid in December 1991, which then opened on 5th February 1992.

Molendinar Park Housing Association

  • Corporate body
  • 1993-

Molendinar Park Housing Association was formed by Committee Members of Reidvale Housing Association in 1993 to reconnect Reidvale with Glasgow City Centre. They aim to make affordable housing in Glasgow.

Maryhill Joint Women's Action Group, Women's Support Group, 1985-

  • Badges/WA/05
  • Corporate body
  • 1985-

Projects to empower women within Strathclyde community: to take an active role within their wider community; to learn new skills to improve their chances of employment; to raise awareness of women's health issues etc.

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