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Women Live Scotland

  • GB 1543
  • Corporate body
  • 1981- 1987

Women Live was started in Edinburgh in the autumn of 1981 inspired by the work of Women in Entertainment, which was based in London. The aim of Women Live was to encourage women’s work in the arts and media in Scotland and to explore and campaign around issues such as stereotyping and distortion of women’s experience in the media and the status of women in society at large.
The 1982 festival was their first event. It was financed by the Scottish Arts Council and through sponsorship and membership fees of the initial 100 women who joined Women Live. It was a great success, with nearly three shows per day at the Netherbow Theatre (the centre of the festival) for the whole of the festival, along with other exhibitions and events. The following year in 1983, the festival was equally successful with shows all over Edinburgh. Women Live also participated in the Women's Health Fair in 1983 which coincided with the last weekend of the Women Live festival. Throughout this time regular meetings and events took place, with newsletters keeping members informed of the group’s activities. Due to lack of funding a festival was not planned for 1984. However, there were several events throughout the year. In 1985, thanks to Edinburgh District Council, Women Live were able to stage another festival known as the Spring Fling. This festival was not as long, just over a week, and was also mostly based at the Pleasance theatre as opposed to various venues.

Women in Profile | 1987-1991 | Glasgow

  • GB 1534 WIP
  • Corporate body
  • 1987-1991

Women in Profile was set up in 1987 upon the announcement that Glasgow would hold the European City of Culture status in 1990. It consisted of community artists, grass-roots activists, academics and broad based arts practitioners who wanted to ensure that women's achievements in the arts were represented during this celebration, and not solely the achievements of men. Collectively they ran a season of events, workshops, exhibitions, projects and other activities before and during the year 1990. One of their largest projects was the creation of Castlemilk Womanhouse. The Womanhouse opened during the Summer of 1990 when a group of artists, led by three graduates of the Glasgow School of Art, gained access to a four storey council tenement building in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow. The aim with this project was to free up the space for female artists and local women and children by running arts workshops, creating installations and exhibiting art. Over the course of their existence Women in Profile gathered materials relating to its activities and, after consultation with the local community and women's groups across the City of Glasgow, opened Glasgow Women's Library in September 1991.

Welbeck Women's Action Group

  • Badges/WA/34
  • Corporate body
  • 1984-1985

'Notts Women Strike Back' originally made as a fund raising video for Welbeck Women's Action Group. Shows the work of one of the women's action groups formed at the start of the recent coal dispute to support the minority of striking miners in Nottingham.

Walter Seagal Self-Build Trust

  • Corporate body
  • 1985-

The Walter Seagal Self-Build Trust was founded upon the death of Seagal, the architect, in 1985. It aimed to promote his ideas on self-building and encourage projects.

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