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            Bad Poetry for Pro-Lifers
            GB 1534 ZN/C/02/zines/C/2/2 · Item · 2013-10
            Part of Zine Collection

            October, 2013. London. A7 booklet in black and white, which folds out into a double-sided A4 sheet. Content is concerned with the author's feelings and responses towards anti-abortion protesters.

            Charlotte Cooper
            GB 1534 CLCBLG/4/3 · File · 1969-1989
            Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

            Folder containing material relating to various feminist collectives and women’s groups, including briefings, journals, newsletters, information sheets, legal guidance. Includes: List of women’s organisations in UK by Women’s Forum (May 1982); letter from Wages for Housework Campaign and enclosed Guardian reader’s letter from Anita Garcia, an Argentine woman in the UK, re Falklands War (Jun 1982); Association of Radical Midwives info leaflet (1982); ‘British Women, Foreign Children’ info sheet re campaign to grant British citizenship to all children of British nationals (c.1982); minutes of Women’s Employment Group Project meeting (Sept [1980s]); Greenwich Creche Project flyer and cover letter; National Childcare Campaign info sheet (n.d.); Birmingham Women’s Liberation contact list (n.d.); Women’s Fightback ‘Women say NO to Tebbit’ campaign info sheet (1982); info sheet for Shilo Pregnancy & Contraceptive Advisory Service for Jewish women (Hebrew; n.d.); Campagne Internationale sur la Contraception, l’Avortement et la Sterilisation information booklet (French-language; 1980); TSC Working Women’s Group ‘History of Turkish Women’ essay (n.d.); copy of ‘Jesus had Right Attitude to Women’ article from Catholic Herald (Mar 1978); info sheet on women’s rights within Islam by Iranian Women Solidarity Group (Jun 1982); press release for ‘Sexual Harassment at Work’ report by National Council for Civil Liberties (1982); flyer for Anti-Sexist Men’s Weekend (Jun 1982); press release for ‘Building the London Gay Community’ report by London Gay Workshops (May 1982); info sheet and Charter of Wageless Women collective (n.d.); CASSOE newsletter subscribers list (May 1982); A Woman’s Place (AWP) list of members (n.d.); Stonewall Committee flyer for Seattle Pride (1982); copy of leaflet from Alternatives for Women, California (n.d.); info sheet for Whitman Brooks Rap Groups (n.d.); copy of flyer for National Association of Gay Alcoholism Professionals (NAGAP; US-based; n.d.); info sheet for CONTROL: Women’s Liberation Pregnancy Advisory & Abortion Referral Centres (Sydney-based; n.d.).

            Also includes mostly undated AWP research materials and reports, including: charts on Equal Pay Act & Sex Discrimination Act; advice documents re taking your case to the industrial tribunal; reports on safe pensions & industrial pensions; report on the EEC and equality legislation; report on discrimination outside the Sex Discrimination Act; report on Equal Opportunities Commission; copy of ‘Sexual divisions within the labour force: occupational segregation’ by Catherine Hakim (Nov 1978); report outlining the Sex Discrimination Act’s employment provisions; report on affirmative action programmes in the US.

            Bulletins & newsletters: International Contraception, Abortion & Sterilisation Campaign (ICASC) newsletters 7 & 8 (1982); Matriarchy Research & Reclaim Network newsletter (Dec 1981); National Childcare Campaign newsletter (Aug 1982); OUT: The publication of the multi-national women’s liberation group of Athens (May 1982); newsletter for Sunrise Education Trust (Jul 1982); Grapevine newsletter (Apr 1981); Rights of Women (ROW) newsletter (Jul 1982); Campaign to Impede Sex Stereotyping in the Young (CISSY) newsletter (Dec 1980); International Women’s News newsletter (Jan 1969); Women’s Studies Newsletter (Oct 1977); ‘Alcoholism: A Woman’s Issue’ stickers from Alcoholism Center for Women (ACW; n.d.); ACWWorth (ACW’s newsletters; Fall 1980 & Winter 1980-1981), with acknowledgement slip; Islington Community Health Council briefings (Mar & Jul 1980); Alcoholism Center for Women ‘Sober Woman’ bulletin, with acknowledgement slip (c.1981).

            Scottish Abortion Campaign
            GB 1534 SAC · Collection · 1980 - 2002

            Papers of the Scottish Abortion Campaign (SAC), a pro-choice organisation based in Scotland. Collection includes papers relating to the running of the SAC; correspondence, press releases, agendas and minutes of meetings, newsletters, event material, press cuttings &etc. Also includes papers relating to the National Abortion Campaign; correspondence, newsletters, conferences, bulletins &etc. Other papers include material relating to anti-abortion campaigns, including parliamentary campaigns.

            Scottish Abortion Campaign
            GB 1534 CLCBLG/7/1 · File · 1980-1995
            Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

            Information guides and health literature produced by the Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Information Centre (WHRRIC).

            Includes guides to: the politics of premenstrual tension; the menopause; HIV & AIDS; pelvic inflammatory disease; fibroids; genital warts; hysterectomy; heavy bleeding; painful periods; smear tests and cervical cell abnormalities; unplanned pregnancy; infertility; ectopic pregnancy; antenatal screening; donor insemination; women’s health work and stress; alternative medicine.

            Women's Health and Reproductive Rights Information Centre
            GB 1534 CLCBLG/7/4 · File · 1980-1994
            Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

            Material relating to women’s health and experiences of (dis)ability, including reports, health guides, newsletters, campaign guides, conference packs.

            Includes: ‘Unite’ newsletter from NUS Women’s Campaign (Feb 1987); Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 8.7 (Jul 1990); publications list, order form (n.d.) and ‘Abortion Care: A Practical Guide’ publication from Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights Information Centre (Sept 1989); ‘The Look After Yourself! Health Guide’ from the Health Education Council (n.d.); conference delegates pack for Promoting Our Health: Britain’s Third National Lesbian & Gay Health Conference (5 Nov 1990); conference delegates pack for Promoting Our Health: Britain’s Second National Lesbian & Gay Health Conference (11 Sept 1989); ‘Health & Welfare in Camden: A Handbook for Elderly People’ by Hampstead Community Health Council et al (Oct 1991); TV-AM ‘Cervical Cancer Campaign’ health awareness booklet (May 1988); Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa Association (ABNA) newsletter (1988); NUS ‘Women and Health Resource’ briefing 297 (n.d. [c.1980s]); ‘Organisation Building’ resource pack by Agnes Fletcher for Disability Awareness in Action (1994); NUS ‘Women’s Reproductive Rights’ briefing 244 (Spring 1987); ‘Women’s Health & Mental Illness’ broadsheet by London Women & Mental Health Group (n.d. [c.1980s]); minutes of International Lesbian & Gay People of Colour Conference (ILGPOCC) Women’s Caucus (4 Jun 1990); Women’s Health Information Exchange newsletter 11 (Sept 1988); Women’s Health Information Exchange newsletter 1 (1987); London Black Women’s Health Action Project newsletter 6 (Mar 1987); ILGPOCC planning committee minutes (9 Sept 1990); London Black Women’s Health Action Project newsletter 9 (Jun 1988).

            GB 1534 CLCBLG/7 · Series · 1980-2000
            Part of Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group Archive

            Series contains material relating primarily to women's health and LGBTQ health. Includes publications, newsletters, booklets, reports, informative leaflets, guides, resources, articles on a wide variety of topics including HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, disability, substance and alcohol dependency, mental health, sexual health, housing and homelessness, policing, lesbian custody, D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people, domestic violence, and more.